New Allies – Earthlandu


Been awhile since I’ve done this…. Let’s go!

If you guys haven’t empty your wallets for Oldman or Icegirl, fret not, Aileen is here. Square Enix is giving you another chance to make sure you eat bread for the rest of the year.

Basically, Aileen functions the same as Orlandeau but with Earth Element. Her main skillsets are almost similar with Oldmandu. However, she possesses Machine and Stone Killer.

At launch, she’s slightly “weaker” than Orlandeau as her attack only does 5 hits (10 with DW). However, when she gets her Enhancements, it’s a whole new different story. The attack on her TM weapon, Artisan, looks delicious. Lastly, since she’s a waifu material, you should definitely pull her. You have 2 days left to rob the bank.

Like all Kings and Queens, Sozhe is a little bit complicated. He acts as a Tank with Fire-based attacks. The problem with him is that, he may look good as a Fire Resistance Tank with his Zoldaad Guard Passive (50% Fire Resist) but his attacks are mostly Fire based. Most Fire attacking enemies are most likely to have high Fire Resistant. However, if you happen to fight 1 that is using Fire based attacks and not strong against Fire, Sozhe will be your best tank.

Sozhe can buff the team for 40% Def/Spr for 3 turns or buff himself for 60% Def/Spr for 5 turns. Innate Provoke means you do not need to equip him with Golem but a more damage based Titan.

The Emperor’s Majesty TM is really good especially if you’re F2P Players. Put it on Nat 3/4 Attackers such as Bartz, Chizuru, Firion or CoD to give them more survivability and MP.

If not for that 20% Dark Resistance on his TM, Heltich will be just another useless 3* unit. The Ifrit Raid has taught me that Elemental Resistance item/equipment/Materia is one of the most important thing in this game.

The troll for this banner. I’m probably too noob to see how she can be useful in any situation. Her skillsets are meh… Her weapon choices are meh… Her TM is meh… Her Sprite is also meh… Be prepared to get 1000000000 of her while chasing for Aileen.


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