New Trial Boss and Cactuar Weekend!


Finally, a little content update is here. The Devil Chimera will be heading to the Farplane for Players to challenge!

Starting from 7/14 (after maintenance), Players can start challenging the Devil Chimera in the Farplane. You will need to defeat the White Dragon to unlock the Evil Chimera (same spot).


The guide for Devil Chimera is up. Players can head over and check out what to prepare prior to the fight. I’ll be streaming the fight when it’s up so remember to check it out!

Cactuar Dunes

This coming weekend, drop everything you’re doing and concentrate on farming those awesome Cactuars! Remember to expand your Unit slots to hold as much Cactuar as possible.

Period: 7/15 – 7/17


  1. hello,

    Sorry i dont know how to contact you, so Imma use this comment box.

    Great site btw…

    Anyway, when I see the map, I think you missed a quest. The quest called Ode to the boy and it is consist of 2 quest, it is triggered by talking to the woman on the right room several time (the one with treasure chest no. 7).

    1st Quest, help her with the poem, choose 2, 1, 1 (if I am not mistaken).

    As for the 2nd quest (in progress hahahahaha)

  2. Hi again,

    As for 2nd quest you deliver it to the young bard at the quest no. 8, then report back.

    Sorry if you already have this covered, but when i searched the quest name it didnt come up with anything.

  3. Can i ask..??
    I just finnished lanzelt ruins and now how can i go to dirando from grandport..??

    And after i finished lanzelt ruins quest it said to be continued..

    Give me a hint please..


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