October Week 4 Updates


The King of all Espers is finally here!

This week, be prepared to fight the Legendary Bahamut and bring it under your reign. Unlike previous Espers where you were only required to complete some pre-requisite quest to unlock the stage, Bahamut here is a little different. You still have to go through some pre-requisite quest and in addition to that, you’ll need to farm some Exploration stages to collect Rat Tails. Rat Tails are like keys to challenge Bahamut thus every time you want to fight Bahamut, you are required to have a Rat Tail equipped in/on your item slot.

For more information on how to unlock Bahamut, check out the Bahamut Page.

Featured Summon

Last year’s Halloween banner will be back this week for players to try their luck again!

It seems that White Witch Fina will get a slight makeover from last year’s Conehead image.



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