Onward to Lanzelt Island!


Finally, Square Enix has announced the launch date for Lanzelt Island, the second Island for the first continent. The patch will be implemented during the maintenance on 6/15 this coming Wednesday.

As I predicted earlier, the game will probably launch with the first 2 islands similar to the Japan release. Since the big announcement at E3 will be done on the 16th, I believe we are very close to the launch date with this second island release. Although Lanzelt Island itself has tons of content for players to explore, I really hope they do not follow the Japan schedule and release the third island almost 6 weeks later.

Things to expect:

  1. Fina joins the party.
  2. Recruit Golem and Shiva.
  3. Secret Chocobo shop will be opened (Star Quartz)
  4. Daily Login rewards/daily quest reset time changed to 00:00 PST
  5. New Armors and Weapons!

As usual, for more information on the game, please check back here often where I’ll bring you the latest news and updates!


  1. Hey, I want to ask, can you post some tips how to beat europa in colosseum S5?
    I tried many times, and still can’t beat europa 🙁

    • Unless you have all the top tier units now, it is best you wait for the second island to release where you’ll be able to acquire better weapons, armor and skill, which will enable you to take down the boss easily.

  2. Hey Kongbakpao, you had a list of all the XP per area posted for Lanzelt before it was released. Do you still have a link for that?

  3. I can’t finish a quest, from man in secret town, kill mahadeva.. I have killed it many times, but the quest still on progress, not completed… is it a bug?


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