Operation MA Demolition

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The Four lights of hope; Orience, the land of crystals, and of the saviors “Agito”. Many days have passed in that distant world, and it is now Gla.XXII, 842 RG. Having been charged with defeating a new weapon developed by the Milities Empire, Class Zero, the young warriors of the Vermilion Bird, head to the facility where this magitek armor is being produced.

As the fighting breaks out, though they originally saw the Militesi Empire as an invading nation, the warriors against whom they fought battled with stalwart conviction. Class Zero, as wise and powerful as they were, saw themselves being called monsters by these imperial warriors who fought for nothing but their country.

How might Rain and his friends think of these differing ways of life? All that is sure is that they must do all they can to protect this moment in History.


Global Changes

  • Prices of Mog King rewards were adjusted. Some went up, some went down.
  • Overall increase in White Phantoma rewarded per completion.
  • Decrease Fire Bomb’s White Phantoma from 500 > 250.
  • Nimbus Steal amount drop from 500 > 250~350. (TBC).
  • Nimbus Kill from 5000 > 2500 White Phantoma.
  • Brionac HP nerf from 600,000 > 530,000

First Clear Rewards:

Dungeon First Clear Reward
BGN Rare Summon Ticket x 1
INT White Phantoma x 200
ADV White Phantoma x 300
PRO White Phantoma x 500
ELT Lapis x 500

Mog King Rewards:

Standard Items

Item White Phantoma Limit
Hi-Potion 5 10
Ether 5 10
Tent 5 10
X-Potion 20 10
Turbo Ether 20 10
Remedy 30 10
Metal Gigantuar 100 100
Elixir 100 10
Phoenix Down 200 10
Screamroot 150 10
Fine Alcryst 150 10
Red Megacite 100 30
Blue Megacite 100 30
Violet Megacite 100 30
Orange Megacite 100 30
Yellow Megacite 100 30
Sacred Crystal 150 20
Fairies’ Writ 160 25
Rainbow Bloom 160 25
Calamity Gem 160 25
Prismatic Horn 160 25
Calamity Writ 160 25
Divine Crystal 160 25
Fairies’ Writ 540
Rainbow Bloom 540
Calamity Gem 540
Prismatic Horn 540
Calamity Writ 540
Divine Crystal 540
Hard Rock 100
Fury Seed 100
Wicked Drop 100
Brillant Ray 100
Lucky Seedling 100
Bizarre Box 100
Star Quartz
300 4
600 3
900 3
Rare Summon Ticket
500 2
1000 3
3000 2
6,000 3
Trust Moogle 30,000 1
Trust Moogle 70,000 1


Event Items

Item White Phantoma Limit
GE – Lightspeed Jap (Ability: Boost ATK, reduce DEF and enable Last Stand) Eight Only 1000 4
GE – Cheerleader (Ability: Boost ATK and DEF by 25% and enable Cheer) Cinque Only 1000 4
Gate of Destiny (Ability: Consume HP to deal Physical Damage to all enemies) Queen only 10000 1
White Knight (Ability: Boost DEF for all allies and cast Regen) Nine only 4000 1
Imperial Helm (Ability: Boost HP by 10% and DEF by 5%) 1200 4
Phantasmal Blade (Sword: ATK+78) 10000 1
Vitality Apparatus (ACC: HP+15% DEF+5) 3500 1
Skull Crusher (Mace: ATK+35) 1200 1
Tempered Shield (Ability: HP+5% DEF+10%) 1200 4
MP+15% 16000 1
ATK +15% 35000 1

Character Bonus


Monsters Area
Imperial Trooper BGN, INT, ADV, PRO, ELT
Heavy Gunner BGN, INT, ADV, PRO, ELT
Colossus ADV, PRO, ELT
Lieutenant Major Charlot (Pro Boss) PRO, ELT
Brionac (ELT BOSS) ELT
Nimbus (Rare, Stage 6 in ELT) PRO, ELT
Golden Bomb (Rare, Stage 2) PRO, ELT

Bonus Monsters

Golden Bomb – Appears in stage 2. Drops 500 250? White Phantoma when defeated
Nimbus – Appears in stage 6. You can get 500 350 (MAX) for stealing from it ONCE ONLY, 2500 from defeating it.

Golden Bomb – Demon
LV – 50
HP – 32,000
MP – 77
+50% Fire Resist | -50% Ice Resist
Immune to Petrify
Nimbus – Human
LV – 142
HP – 9,999,999
MP – 9999
Immune to Sleep, Silence, Paralyze, Confuse and Petrify

Attack Pattern

  • It will not attack unless you deal damage to it.
  • Counters with 2x Instant KO per turn.
  • Runs away on Turn 3 even if you attack him.

Since most of us will be bringing along our “Bonus Party” for the event, the logical method is to go on DEF Mode and Steal from Nimbus.

If you happen to encounter it with your “Best Party” and wish to try and down it, try exploiting Poison damage.

Event Stage


3 2 40 490 50
Mission Rewards Lapis
Clear Quest 20
Deal Lightning Damage 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
Rare Summon Ticket x 1
Possible Drops
White Phantoma x 21



5 3 262 2300 105
Mission Reward Lapis
Clear Quest 20
Clear without using LB 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
White Phantoma x 200
Possible Drops
White Phantoma x 38



8 3 920 7100 155
Mission  Reward Lapis
Clear Quest 20
Clear without using Magic 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
White Phantoma x 300
Possible Drops
White Phantoma x 84



10 4 995 9250 250
Mission (TBC) Reward Lapis
Clear Quest 20
Defeat Lieutenant Colonel Charlot with Magic 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
White Phantoma x 500
Possible Drops
White Phantoma x 146



13 5 2165 19800 300
Mission  Reward
Clear Quest 20
Defeat Brionac with LB 10
Don’t Die 10
No Continues 10
First clear reward
Lapis x 500
Possible Drops
White Phantoma x 199


Stage Appearance 
1 Imperial Trooper x 3
2 Heavy Gunner x 1, Imperial Trooper x 2
3 Colossus x 1, Imperial Trooper x 2
4 Lieutenant Major Charlot x 1, Imperial Trooper x 2
BOSS Brionac x 1


Thrash Mobs

Imperial Trooper – Human
LV – 70
HP – 44,000
MP – 180
Immune to Sap and Petrify
Heavy Gunner – Human
LV – 70
HP – 80,000
MP – 190
Immune to Sap and Petrify
Colossus – Machine 
LV – 70
HP – 85,000
MP – 190
+50% Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth Resistance | -50% Lightning and Water Resistance
+70% Paralysis Resistance | Immune to all
Lieutenant Colonel Charlot – Human 
LV – 70
HP – 160,000
MP – 310
+70% Paralysis Resistance | Immune to all



Brionac – Machine 
LV – 70
HP – 530,000
MP – 300
+50% Fire, Ice, Wind and Earth Resistance | -50% Lightning and Water Resistance
– Blind | +70% Paralysis Resistance | Immune to all


  • Attack Break and Magic Break effective
  • Immune to DEF break and SPR Break
  • At 20% HP, it will cast an AOE attack that can Paralyze and Blind. If you cannot kill it in 1 turn, try to keep its HP above 20% and take it down in 2 turns.
  • At 50% HP, it will cast an AOE attack that can Paralyze.
  • Counters with AOE Physical Attack when being dealt with Magic Damage.
  • Machine-Killer

Who to Bring?

1 Powerful Attacker (800+) and 5 Bonus units.

If you’re not using Queen or Luneth as your main Attacker, make sure you equip anti-Blind/Paralysis item(s) on your Attacker.

Grab the Cheerleader skill for Cinque and cast it when fighting Brionac to ensure OHKO.


  1. Carbuncle or Marie reflect and Thundaga will be very useful on boss, just like in Type-0 Akademia. Also, on the description for Nimbus, it sounds like you can steal phantoma from him every turn until he runs away. Time to dust off the Thief bracer and Steal material.

  2. 10 million HP!!!! how to defeat him with what we have? only big whales with all TMR units and friends can possibly have a chance!! and he’s immune to petrify or paralyze….how to beat him???

  3. poison only deals 10% damage and he runs away in 3 turns…that means still need to do 7 million Damage in 3 turns…..i don’t know how anyone can do it…maybe in Japan with Onion Knight and Orlando chaining attack….but Global does not have enough powerful units….

  4. CoD with 4x Maneater and 1x Maneater+ should do some serious damage. We gotta see how much DEF it has. Noctis friend with break + CoD (which also procs poison with Thorned Mace) seems to be the best option here.

  5. it says on the game that nimbus can appear after the boss fight starting in pro after boss fight there is only 4 stages in pro. so are you wrong about stage 6 or is the game or am i confused

    • After the 1st fight, as Rain icon moves along to the next fight, you will if the total number of fights you will be encounter is 4 or 5 on pro OR 5 or 6 on ELT. That would like you know you if are fighting Nimbus after Lieutenant Major Charlot on Pro or Brionac on ELT.

  6. Anyone encountered Nimbus yet? I was curious if you can only successfully steal once per turn or if you can steal with everyone on every turn. So 250×5 (if lucky) for 3 rounds = 3750 or if you cap at 250 for 3 rounds = 750?

  7. Encountered Nimbus this morning you will know Nimbus will be there as the amount of stages will show one more than the usual at the start of the fight (i.e. if your playing ELT you will see 1/6 rather than 1/5 when you stat for the number of battles), you can only steal from it once, I got 350 on my steal (this number may be static or it may vary im not sure), afterwards “The enemy has nothing to steal” will be all you see.

  8. i have yet to encounter nimbus on pro but i have all 5 units equipped with steal. You can steal 1 phantoma from the heavy gunner and 2 from the colossus and 2 from charlot on pro every run if u wanna waste the time getting 5 extra per run.

  9. stealing 3 rounds out of 4 will also help u get the legendary thief trophy if u dont already have it. i got like 700 out of 1000.

  10. so far 2 golden bombs and 1 nimbus in 60+ runs
    no way to beat nimbus 4 me even with best team
    hes not worth the 2500 anyway

    • Same rate here. Just ran into the second Gold Bomb this morning.

      Nimbus is a one time steal per encounter, which is (based on the rate of encounter), horrible. This is the first event where I’ve felt that if you don’t have the tickets, lapis, or the cash to summon, you’re in the wind when it comes to the “Special Currency.” 199 Phantoma on Elite is just bad.

  11. i pulled 2 eights 1 nine and a cinque without wasting to much lapis i can kill everything with my exdeath. i got the nimbus twice and the golden bomb 4 times im racking up the phantoma pretty quick. already completed the 1000 steal quest for trophy rewards. now im workin on the use 10,000 items i use 10 potions and 10 antidotes per run.


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