Orbonne Monastery Vaults

An ancient vault has appeared in the Dimensional Vortex. Inspired by clues to the past they find hidden below, Rain and his crew set off to investigate.

Note: Guide and figures are currently based on the Japanese Build. I will update accordingly when global event releases.

First Clear Rewards:


Mog King Rewards:

Item Auracite Shards Limit
Fairies’ Writ 160
Rainbow Bloom 160
Calamity Gem 160
Prismatic Horn 160
Calamity Writ 160
Divine Crystal 160
Panther Fang 20
Demon Wing 20
Ulric Iron 20
Core Dust 30
Abyss Pearl 50
Star Quartz
50 4
120 3
180 3
Rare Summon Ticket
200 4
600 3
1,200 3
Second Wind 6,000
Crush Armor 6,000
Medicate 2,000
Stone Throw 1,500

Awaken 6* Lightning  

Necessary material Number Auracite Shards Total
Faries’ Writ 20 160 3200
Rainbow Bloom 10 160 1600
Calamity Gem 10 160 1600
Prismatic Horn 5 160 800
Divine Crystal 5 160 800
Total Auracite Shards Needed: 8000


Avoid Long battles, use Ra/Ga Spells or just escape from battles. Man-Eater is good here so include COD in your team. You can add Man-Eater on your Diabolos too.

Black Choker and Gold Armlet – Equip on healer to prevent Confuse and Petrify.
Stona – Equip Stona on healer (if she doesn’t have 1).
Smelling Salts and Golden Needle – cure Petrify and Confuse.




Treasure Chest
1. Auracite Shards x 5
2. Star Quartz
3. Turbo Ether



Treasure Chest
1. Auracite Shards x 10
2. X-Potion
3. Recipe – Escutcheon
4. Star Quartz



Treasure Key Box
1. Auracite Shards x 500
Treasure Chest
2. Elixirs
3. Auracite Shards x 20
4. Recipe – Chirijiraden
5. Star Quartz



Energy No. of Battle Gil UNIT EXP RANK EXP
3 3 74 930 105
First clear reward
Auracite Shards x 10
Acquired Items
Auracite Shards x 7


Energy No. of Battle Gil UNIT EXP RANK EXP
5 3 300 2300 250
First clear reward
Ancient Stone x 1
Acquired Items
Auracite Shards x 8


Energy No. of Battle Gil UNIT EXP RANK EXP
7 4 1267 9800 365
First clear reward
Bugross Ore x 1
Acquisition items
Auracite Shards x 21


Energy No. of Battle Gil UNIT EXP RANK EXP
10 5 2088 19500 650
First clear reward
Auracite Shards x 50
Acquired Items
Auracite Shards x 20~50
 event6_adv_boss Human
HP – 65000
MP – 240
+50% Lightning Resist / +50% Holy Resist / -50% Dark Resist
Immune to all except > Sleep +50% Resist


Energy No. of Battle Gil UNIT EXP RANK EXP
15 6 5573 54100 800
First clear reward
Auracite Shards x 100
Acquired Items
Auracite Shards x 80~121
 event6_elite_boss Human
HP – 80000
MP – 300
+50% Holy Resist
Immune to all except > Sleep +50% Resist Paralyze +50% Resist


Ancient Stone 1
Panther Fang 10
Demon Wing 10
Crafting Time Cost
12h 720 Gil
Total Auracite Shards Needed: 400


Bugross Ore 1
Ulric Iron 50
Core Dust 40
Abyss Pearl 30
Crafting Time Cost
72h 5600 Gil
Total Auracite Shards Needed: 3700


    • If you cant farm elite I guess u will have to stick to pro difficulty….but it will result less efficient auracite/energy speaking, so you might have to be more “selective on what to trade

      The best way to deal with elite is a mage team, if ur mage power is kinda bad, it might be worth to try at least a bunch of semi-decent mages given all blizzara (if they dont learn it, via ice rods) and make a huge element chain, with the last strike done by a friend blizzaga (Kefka/Exdeath) with a BIG mag stat

  1. I m use full mage 2 keffka max lv . . And yes theis dmg is crazy . . But when enemy atk them ==>Game Over . . WTF can’t avoid

    Help me please

    • You need 4 mages to make a huge element chain in order to kill them. I’ve got Vaan (Focus), kefka, exdeath, golvez and I still get owned some times. Currently leveling Tellah for the last spot (never thought I would need him).

  2. Elite is obviously the way to go, and yes a high MAG team using Blizzaga is the answer. Of course depending on your units Blizzara might be the best you can do.

    My current set up:
    Tellah w/Shiva MAG 290
    Golbez w/Ifrit MAG 210
    Celes w/Siren MAG 247
    Terra w/Diablos MAG 298
    Kefka w/Ramah MAG 333

    Since Terra is the only one lacking Ice spells I give her the ice rod. She does Blizzara and everyone else does Blizzaga. Then pick up a high MAG from you friend list.

  3. My guess is the weapon and shield are only so helpful. Best to save auracite for saving for awakening materials (not that you know what you will actually need for your Exdeaths and CoDs, unless you’re the lucky bastard who got a Lightning).
    Player ID 790,737,887

  4. Currently using
    Cecil lv 80 (golem)
    CoD lv 80 (ifrit)
    Tellah lv 80 mag 288+178 (diabolo)
    Lenna lv 80 (shiva)
    Kefka lv 80 mag 353+237 (ramuh)

    This team makes elite so easy lol

    • How so? what do you do? I have the same exact team and still get mopped up at boss fight. my kefka and tella arent as high though… kefka 289 ramuh and tella 268 diablo.

  5. Got a mixed team with WoL, Lenna, Kefka, Charlotte, Lightning. Can do Elite fairly easily with:
    WoL – blade blitz (atk 312)
    Lenna – Thundara (mag 180)
    Kefka – Thundaga (mag 410)
    Charlotte – std attack (atk 206)
    Lightning – area blast (atk 490)
    With this setup I can “one shot” each round without the enemy having a chance to attack back. On the last round (boss) I have Kefka use Ultima.

  6. really need info on each boss of the 4 boss for elite
    who is healing
    who cause confuse
    one of them is resist to magic(the green one on bottom left i think)

  7. I’ve beaten the ELITE for many times now. The best way to do it is… like suggested above, use mage team chaining Blizzaga. Although my method is a bit different, as I put 3 magical attacker in my team, one physical attacker and one breaker/support. Also +friend as another magical attacker. It’s pretty easy, the hardest part is only waiting for the RNG to come back 😀

    • well i am lucky enough to get lightning
      but not lucky enough with 3 mage or healer only using fina + terra for heals, cheer and res
      charlotte for shellga
      CoD barrage but so nonresistance always someone won’t die cuz need 1 more hit

      • Well the main point is to kill them in 1 turn so they won’t have chance to attack you, that’s why healer is unnecessary unless you use it as support/breaker. Except for the last boss, which usually takes 2 turn instead. If you can kill that Wiegraf guy first, cause he is very annoying and usually wipe out my party if I let him alive.

  8. Well I’ve been doing well too using physical team, cod hayate bartz wol fina/lena and another healer as hire.
    Use diabolos on bartz, you have 3 man eater use cheer sneak attack barrage full break. You can even use physical normal attack to kill and fill limit burst. 1 limit burst of hayate can kill 1 boss with fb.

  9. Went 5 mages, all or nothing. Vivi dual cast Bizzara, Shantotto, Bizzaga, Terra Bizzaga (ice rod), Exdeath, Kefka. Dual cast first then all the others and get 6x element chain. Don’t do repeat the timing doesn’t always work. Total magic rating somewhere above 1250 (200,200,250,300,300)

  10. Instead of Leena(Useless here) or Terra a max 5* Garnet and Shiva, or even better, Diabolos will do more than even Kefka by himself. Plus she can revive in a pinch if needed, accidents happen. Give her an Ice rod if she’s with Diabolos to cast Blizzara.

    Shifting her to magic attack left her at 240 magic and 260 spirit still. She covers that last spot best.

    Status effects shouldn’t be considered when picking a unit. 3/5 times if you get whammied you’re probably done.

    Rosalias lb can save you, but that’s it. Remedies and Esuna won’t fix Petrify, so bring smelling salts, echo screens and Eye drops as needed.

    • Garland, round 1 & 2 – Stonga
      round 3-6 – Darkside – never heal him, let him die last round after he used his skill
      Vann round 1 normal attack
      round 2-6 focus
      other teammates only use blizzaga

  11. my Lineup for elite is kefka-ramuh
    lenna-golem-ice rod for blizara
    friend kefka

    round 1-2 cod-barage and blizara/blizaga combo is enough round 3-6 always use focus of lid then blizara/blizaga combo with the highest magic getting the last hit for blizaga, sure dead all. my espers are not all max out, just give magic +10% to all
    of your mages, hope it help

  12. i am using garland lv5 with darkside with a curga boost to health. the darkness dmg is amazing. i working on lv2 diaobolos for darkside purchase for golbez. he has 30% bouns for espers.

  13. all blizzaga is probably the best strategy, but i only have 2 lv 80 mages. so i use tellah and kefka and borrow another mage or high dmg aoe like garland, fencer, or lightning. i got garland to make up my other dmg slot then lenna for heal and cheer, and vaan for full break and focus. i can still kill all the mobs in one hit if i time out the spells cause darkside chains with the blizzagas (and lenna heals back every turn). fb on boss enemy guarantees one hit kill. i just save their limits for the boss stage. 2 garland limits with cheer is about 110k damage to all the bosses but the one that resists dark. the blizzaga or mage limits is just gravy. or just use a lv 100 lightning and her area blast can 1-shot every round…

    but for those of you who don’t have the damage to clear in one or two turns are gonna have a tough grind. but so you know:

    Lezalas: does high physical dmg; attacks twice
    Wiegraf: has a lightning attack that does a ton of damage
    Loffrey: this is the guy who does the confusion/silence effect
    Isilud: the tank

    The wiegraf (3) and loffrey (5) levels are the hardest if you can’t take them out in one hit. even with full break on, wiegraf does a lot of dmg and can wipe out your team if you’re not careful. loffrey is difficult because you can’t put a black choker on everyone so if he lives past the first round, you’re gonna have some confused and silenced people. plus the two mages that cast death and blizzaga. save your best spells/limits whatever strategy to try and take these guys out fast.

  14. Since I had benefit from this comment section to clear elite, I thought I’ll pay the favour back. Here’s some extra info 😉

    Warrior of Light/Cecil 6*

    Fairies’ Writ x20
    Prismatic Horn x10
    Calamity Gem x10
    Calamity Writ x5
    Divine Crystal x5

    Exdeath/Kefka 6*

    Calamity Writ x20
    Calamity Gem x10
    Prismatic Horn x10
    Fairies’ Writ x5
    Divine Crystal x5

    Cloud of Darkness/Garland 6*

    Calamity Gem x20
    Calamity Writ x10
    Rainbow Bloom x10
    Prismatic Horn x5
    Divine Crystal x5

    Chizuru 6*

    Calamity Gem x20
    Calamity Writ x10
    Prismatic Horn x10
    Rainbow Bloom x5
    Divine Crystal x5

    Terra 6*

    Rainbow Bloom x20
    Fairies’ Writ x10
    Calamity Writ x10
    Prismatic Horn x5
    Divine Crystal x5

    Vaan/Bartz/Firion 6*

    Prismatic horn x20
    Fairies’ Writ x10
    Rainbow Bloom x10
    Calamity Gem x5
    Divine Crystal x5

    Total for each 6* awakening is 8k auracite

  15. I’ve been having success with a firaga team since I don’t have any Kefka/Exdeath/Golbez. I use the Sarah method to “focus” first then manually fire off firagas in order from the character with the lowest MAG to the highest. I have not had to bring along any friend with a MAG of higher than 280, but higher definitely helps. Sometimes the lower left guy in the boss fight lives, but a “repeat” always finishes him off, even with a bunch of staus ailments on my guys. My team:

    Rain(!) 205mag
    Shantotto 225mag
    Terra 265mag
    Tellah 295mag
    Exdeath friend with at least 245mag

    I have MAG+10% on ALL my ability slots.

    Hope this helps some folks.

    • No, you only get one Bugross Ore as a clear reward from the ADV dungeon. You can’t get any more (unless they give you another way to get it, but i hardly thing they will)

  16. My current team for blizaga + areablast:
    Terra – 276mag (shiva for blizarra)
    Shantotto- 247mag
    Vivi- 211mag (dual cast)
    Lasswell- 221mag
    Lightning- 279 Atk (icebrand sword) – area blast attack
    Friend kefka- 300+

    Can get through round 1-4 in repeat mode and on the last two manual for a 9 elemental chain

  17. Lol elite cant even touch me once and I have zero mages, a buff party from my ramza I just pulled, a 465attck lightning and 320atk Leo the rest all barrage, they never even get the chance to attack back. I pulled my ramza 24 hours ago and at the time I had 120 auracite with no mats. 24 hours later (present time) I have almost 3,000 auracite and idk how I could’ve possibly gotten more haha (tiny bit of sarcasm) pulled alma day before, and mustadio today, allllllllll my units are off 250 daily pull, idk what my secret is😂

  18. Why bother farm auricite? waste of time unless you have endless amounts of time or $ to dedicate to it. ADV explore is incredible for farming all magicite though. it’s a short easy run. I’ve maxed every single esper over the last week from doing this alone


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