Patch 2.2.1 – Overview


Here’s an overview or rather a checklist on what’s new in this patch.

  1. Gronoa Part 2 is now live.
  2. New Esper Lakshmi added (you need to complete the main quest for Gronoa part 2 to unlock, check the guide here).
  3. Expedition – Send your unused units out for crafting items to craft that Adventurer V (Ability: 4 Stats +40%).
  4. Crafting is now instant! All previously unlocked slots will be refunded in Lapis.
  5. Equipment Quest: Trials of the Burning Soul, Trials of the Tranquil Will and Trials of the Pure Heart.
  6. Added 50 slots to Unit Inventory
  7. Crafting Menu now showing all recipes including those that you don’t have (Tap on it and it’ll tell you where to find them)
  8. Hidden stats on items are shown (FINALLY)
  9. Target dummy in Vortex map
  10. Fina can now be upgraded to 6* – Make Fina Great again
  11. You can now reset your Esper
  12. Summon page has 2 tabs now. Featured and the Useless Free Banners
  13. VIP System Ex System Added – There’s a bug now though….
Exvius Points
Points Item
1 Lapis x 70
5 EX Summon Ticket
25 King Metal Minituar x 5
10 Tough Pot x 3
50 Ex Summon Ticket
75 King Metal Minituar x 8
100 4* Guaranteed EX Ticket
125 Burst Pot x 3
150 EX Summon Ticket
175 King Metal Minituar x 11
200 5* Guaranteed EX Ticket
225 Tough Pot x 3
250 EX Summon Ticket
275 King Metal Minituar x 15
300 4* Guaranteed EX Ticket


Things to expect tomorrow!

  1. Maxwell Trial
  2. Bikini Babes
  3. Half Energy Story Stages
  4. Vision Shards Giveaway
  5. The beggining of new Dungeon Tiers – Gil Snapper this week


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