QnA with Global and Japan Producer


Earlier today, Bahamut (Taiwan’s top gaming website) had a Live Stream interview session with Final Fantasy Brave Exvius’s Japan and Global producer. I was watching the replay and have took down some pointers of what’s going to happen in Global.

  • Japan server has recently reached the 7 million download milestone while in Global, we managed to hit 5 million downloads in a month.
  • Global version is slightly different from Japan as we have our own localisation such as the Facebook-Linking function, Daily Quests, remodel for bigger screen devices, game balance in terms of abilities which cannot be stacked.
  • Kefka is strong.
  • Current Demons Unleashed items (Demon Heart) can only be gotten from this event, unlikely it’ll be back so faster farm!
  • Esper Reset is currently in development in Japan.
  • In future, Espers will be able to counter certain Monster races thus the skill tree may be expanded so remember to save some points.
  • Global and Japan content gap is about 5-6 months. Although most of the content are based on the Japanese build, Global will also have its own exclusive content. Also, to close up the gap of both servers, they might compile a few patches from the Japan client and add in to Global as a big patch.
  •  In future, we might be able to see events that will tell the story of each different Final Fantasy series.
  • Events will be use to explain some of the side-stories in FFBE.
  • Characters from FF7 and FF8 will be coming but… they can’t tell when.
  • There will be Cid. He will look different from all of the FF series and his appearance will be more suited to the FFBE theme. He’s a VIP in the story.
  • First 6* Character has not been decided for Global yet.
  • There will be Collaboration events! Some from Japan and some are Global exclusive. Dragon Quest most likely will appear in future.
  • Next batch of characters will be from FFIX.



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