Raven’s Hideaway


Treasure Key Box Location
1. Recipe – Auto-Shell
2. Recipe – Osmose Blade
Treasure Chest
3. Smoke bomb
4. Mythril Ore
5. Mystery Veil
6. Holy Torch
7. Phoenix Down
8. Star Quartz
9. Star Quartz
10. Golden Shield

7. Phoenix Down

Shelf behind the Inn counter.




Quest Name Rewards
1. Those Who Can, Do Phoenix Down
2. Scent of a Spy Elixir
3. Taking Back the Wastelands Remedy x 3
4. Survey the Shrine Golden Plate


1. Those Who Can, Do

You can farm Fire Megacrys at Golzas Canyon – Exploration.

2. Scent of a Spy

Step 1 – Grab quest and talk to Rebel woman for a lead.


Step 2 – Head to Abandoned Orphanage – Exploration and talk to the boy.


Step 3 – Return to client.

3. Taking Back the Wastelands

You can find the Abyss Worm at Barren Wastelands – Insect Nest.

4. Survey the Shrine

You will need to unlock the Fire Temple to unlock the quest.
Below is the spot where you’ll find Europa.