September Week 1 Updates


It’s Mages week part 2!

As usual, we’ll start with a 8 hours maintenance tomorrow. Be sure to use up all your energy and what not before maintenance.

1. Ability Awakening

The next batch of ability awakening is here! They are some pretty decent awakenings here that will benefit new and budget Players. However, let’s talk about the 2 significant ones, Gilgamesh and Agrias.


With the Weapon Collector awakening, Gilgamesh will have at least a 30% ATK boost. Tri-Attack will be upgraded from 3 hits to 12 hits which means you can probably start chaining with Gilgamesh. Snowpetal, which was what everyone used Gilgamesh for, will have a slight boost in damage.


This is probably the best Awakening for all budget players out there. Agrias can finally do a proper 7 Hit Divine Ruination with the same strength as Oldmandu. Also, with Full Break + 2, you can reduce 30% all Elemental Resistance on your opponent for 5 turns!

2. Hein the Mage

Part 2 of the Final Fantasy III event will be lived on Friday. This time, we’ll be fighting an upgraded version of Hein. For more information on the event, check out the guide here.

3. Demon of Resentment – Erinyes

A new Mog Trial is here. We’ll be fighting Erinyes for a chance to loot the Apollo Harp! Check out the boss information here. Since this is our first Mog trial in almost a year, don’t forget that you’ll only be able to fight it with a 5-unit Party. The good news is, you do not need to spend NRG to fight it.

4. Developer’s Troll Banner

Unless you’re new to the game… oh wait nevermind. Even if you’re new to the game, just skip this banner and do the Onion Knight one.

5. Cactuar Dunes

More Cactuars is always good!



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