Taiwan Fan Festa Recap


Here is what’s being announced during the Taiwan Fan Festa 2017.

1. Freebies

All of us will be receiving some time… soon… I guess… Anyway, the rewards are:

  • Ex Summon Ticket x 7
  • Once a Day Featured Summon Free for 10 days
  • 100,000 Gil
  • Metal Gigantuar x 30
  • Star Quartz x 10
  • Ex4 Summon Ticket x 1
  • 10+1 Summon Ticket x 1

2. Final Fantasy XI Raid

Next event is said to be the Final Fantasy XI Raid Event.

3. FFXV Kingsglaive 

Followed by the Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive event. If you haven’t watched the movie… go watch it!

4. Ayaka Announced

THE HEALER that most of you have been waiting for will be coming soon. Ayaka can Full remove stop, High Regen, Full Revive, 4 stats buff for 5 turns, inbuild dual white magic. and many more. Basically, she’s going to be the best healer for quite some time.

Since the Ayaka event is a special Exploration event, I’m guessing she’s coming either next week together with Raid (low chance) or 1 week after Kingsglaive event (last week of September).

5. Chamber of Arms Trial – Sheratan

Our first 10 man trial/raid.


Over the next few days, I’ll be updating all the event information ASAP. Remember to visit often for the latest updates!



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