The Crystal Tower

Under the control of an evil wizard, this is where the World of Darkness comes to an end. Rain and the gang are following in the tracks of Warriors of Light, seeking to understand the crystals. As they are introduced to the crystals of another world, the mystery of those in their own world only deepens.

Note: Guide and figures are currently based on the Japanese Build. I will update accordingly when global event releases. The fight looks pretty simple from all the YouTube videos I watched (JP). However, knowing Global, we’ll definitely be getting a more difficult fight.

First Clear Reward:



As this is an Exploration event, Players will need to prepare certain items and equipment to face the thrash mobs (alternatively, you can just escape the battle especially if you encounter 1 of the 3 Dragons in Elite Mode). Monsters from exploration are able to cast Petrify and Death effect thus it is important to prepare the follow items to counter it:

Items Description
Stona White Magic to cure Petrify
Gold Needle Item to cure Petrify
Gold Armlet, Gold Anklet, Jeweled Ring Accessories to prevent Petrify
Raise Magic for Revive
Phoenix Down Item for Revive
Man Eater Most of the bosses including final boss is a Humanoid
Dragon Killer If you’re aiming to farm the Dragons for Elixirs.
You can get the TM from Skaha (2* base Unit)


Encounter and Dragons

Unlike the previous Final Fantasy IV event, Players will not need to fight all 4 bosses before the final boss. However, a slightly weaker version of bosses will appear as random encounter throughout the Dungeon Floor.

Monster Area
Kum kum 1
Dark General 3.4.5.
Gomory 4.5.
Xande 5
Red Dragon (ELT onward)
Yellow Dragon (PRO onward)
Green Dragon (ADV onward)

Dragons are random encounters. Each time you defeat a Dragon, it has a chance to drop Elixirs, Megacites and 6* Awakening Material. Take note of what you should not do with each Dragon to prevent it’s very painful Counter


Dragon HP MP Elemental Status
Red Dragon
400000 900 Fire↑100%
Ice, Lightning, Wind, Earth, Holy ↑50%
Paralyze ↑80%
Immune to all
Main Attack : Firaga, Aeroga, Thundaga | Counters: Esper, Abilities (Specials)
Yellow Dragon
270000 500 Lightning↑100%
Fire, Ice, Water, Wind, Holy ↑50%
Paralyze ↑80%
Immune to all
Main Attack : Thundaga | Counters: Esper, Limit Burst
Green Dragon
350000 700 Wind↑100%
Fire, Thunder, Water, Earth, Holy ↑50%
Sleep ↑80%
Immune to all
Main Attack : Aeroga | Counters: Esper, Magic

Special Treasure Chest

There are 5 special treasure chest in the middle of the dungeon. The treasure chest will only open after each available Boss is defeated (5 boss, 5 chest). You can only claim the treasure once.


No. Get items Remarks
Mythril Dagger Defeat BGN Boss
Mythril Light Shield Defeat INT Boss
Mythril Saber Defeat ADV Boss
Gold Helm Defeat Pro Boss
Gold Staff Defeat Elite Boss



Energy Rank Exp First Clear Reward
3 50 100 Lapis
No. Items
Star Quartz
Light Curtain
Light Curtain
Earth Drum


platinal Platinal – Spirit
LV – 10
HP – 2500
MP – 70
Immune to Sap and Petrify



Energy Rank Exp First Clear Reward
5 105 Royal Sword (Atk +37)
No. Items
X-Potion x 3
Turbo Ether x 3
Mythril Plate
Phoenix Down x3
Prismatic Horn x 5
Calamity Gem x 5
Star Quartz
Fairies’ Writ x 5
Rainbow Bloom x5



azer Azer – Human
LV – 11
HP – 9100
MP – 60
+50% Fire and Earth | -50% Ice and Water
Immune to Sap and Petrify




No Treasure Chest

Energy Rank Exp First Clear Reward
7 150 Reflect Mail (Def +46, Spr +10)



darkgeneral Dark General – Human
LV – 37
HP – 60,000
MP – 35
Immune to Sap and Petrify



Energy Rank Exp First Clear Reward
10 250 Mighty Hammer (Atk+72, HP+15%, Lightning Elemental)


No. Items
Calamity Writ x 5
Divine Crystal x 5



gomory Gomory x 2 – Demon
LV – 47
HP – 120,000
MP – 280
+50% Earth
Immune to Sap and Petrify




Energy Rank Exp First Clear Reward
15 365 Trust Moogle (+10% Trust)


No. Items
Star Quartz x 5
Golden Blade (Atk+51)
Elixir x 5
Phoenix Down x 5



xande Xande – Human
LV – 112
HP – 500,000
MP – 900
Immune to All Status


  • If you intend to cast Full-Break on Xande, do note that he is immune to Attack/Magic Break.
  • Main attacks are Fire based thus Barfira will be useful in this fight.
  • Man Eater

Turn One

  • Xande will cast a debuff that will reduce your Atk/Def/Mag/Spr and Elemental Resistance, accompanied with 3 normal Attacks.
  • Cast Cheer to dampen the damage intake.

Turn Two

  • Here comes Meteor~ Incoming 3k Damage
  • Use Focus, Shell, or even turn to Defense Mode to mitigate as much damage as possible for turn 2.
  • You cannot skip this meteor turn even if you bring his HP down to his other threshold skills.

70% HP Threshold 

  • It will start raising it’s “Dark” skill.
  • Use Dispel to cancel it off.

60% and 30% HP Threshold

  • It will cast AOE Stop to all party members (1 turn) and there’s no way to prevent this (there is no Stop resistance in the game).
  • Buff yourself with Barfira and Protect to increase your chance of survival.
  • Another way to prevent the Stop skill is to deal as much damage as possible and kill the boss within 4 turns.

Recommended Party

  • Most of the YouTube videos I watched for this fight favours a Melee heavy team.
  • Kain is very good for this event for his Dragon Killer Skill. One of the guides I read, suggested a 5 Kain + 1 Cheer Member party setup.
  • 1 Tank, 1 Healer, 1 Support, 3 Attackers – Safety party

Tank – Cecil
Healer – Garnet, Refia, White Witch Fina
Support – Cerius, WoL, Terra
Attackers – The best Melee characters you have.

5 Kain Strat 

Turn 1 – Buff Cheer and chain Kain’s Limit Burst.
Turn 2 – Dragon Dive to avoid the Meteor.
Turn 3 – You can’t move after DD.
Turn 4 – Dragon Dive again to avoid Stop.


  1. Green Dragon drops either [Green Megacite x4] or [Green Megacite x2 + Elixir] or [2 Elixirs].

    Red Dragon drops [Calamity Writ x1].

    Yellow Dragon drops [Yellow Megacite x4].

  2. Why can’t I get treasure chests 2 and 4 on ELT? I’ve noticed that sometimes in the normal explorations some treasures don’t appear for me even though it says it does on exvius wiki or this site. Advice appreciated 🙂

  3. CORRECTIONS: Dragons can appear on floors 4+. I ran into a Green Dragon on the 4th floor.

    Also, the Green I fought used Blizzaga as well as Thundaga AND Aeroga. Rather than dropping elixers, he dropped 4 green megacites (even better imo!).

  4. If you don’t want to deal with them, bring along an ESCAPE unit and just run from every battle til you get to the bosses.

  5. Actually managed to defeat a Red Dragon on ELT. Somehow, shining splendor’s blind effect went off (So he’s not 100% immune) at the very end of the battle and saved my butt.

  6. If you have someone that can rez, it’d be better to bring them rather than spend phoenix downs. Just remember which dragon hates what type: physical, magical or espers and don’t skimp on the damage ie bring too many leveling toons and you guys can beat it.

  7. I’ve cleared ELT 10 times or so, but dragons always dropped the same thing.
    Green: 4 Green Megacryst
    Yellow: 4-8 Yellow Megacryst
    Red: 1-2 6* mats

    Also I’ve never seen more than 5 dragons spawn in ELT (and I stayed in the map for more than 40 minutes).

  8. Got to the 3rd turn, he casts stop on my full buffed party (focus, barfira and even used CoD elem resist skill)..all dead…ffs

  9. Best to use a character that can escape. I avoided most of the battle using “escape” skill with my Edin and it’s effective for me to conserve the fight with the boss.
    I am stuck with fighting Gomory in order to obtain the Mighty Hammer.

    With my team Lasswell, Rain, White Witch Fina, Fina & Black Cat Lid- I find that Black Cat Lid is effective with her last skill “Ultimate Blow” that deals quite a damage to Gomory. If I have another alliance partner who has Black Cat Lid as well, with the same skill “Ultimate Blow”, probably I have chances of winning.

  10. Lighting, Lightning friend, Cecil, Vaan, Lenna, Cloud of Darkness

    Brought along smoke bombs so I could run from the battles I wanted to run from.

    Lightnings both did Crushing Blow. Vaan did Full Break, Lenna did Cheer and healing, Cecil did focus and his LB (got his LB gauge up before fighting Xande), Cloud of Darkness did Barrage. Dead on the 4th turn.

  11. WTF . . I m give up . . Don’t have *6 unit and my cheer buff only fina . . . . All my unit max *5 and they all dead aftet 1x heal

  12. Btw “seal” celes skill . They say can block all magiv include meteor . . But now Xande magic is invicible . . That mean now celes is useless . . WTF

  13. Defeat Xande :
    CoD *6 lv 70 Barrage
    Kefka*5 80 mag 406 hyper drive/phoenix down/bar Fira
    CoD*5 80 Barrage
    BC Lid focus/Ultimate Blow/Cura/bar Stonra
    Lenna cheer/curaja/esuna
    friend CoD *6 lv90 Omni Veil /Barrage
    nice combination , beat him at 5-6 turn just using barrage from all CoDs
    when Xande give ‘Gauge’ just use “Guard” to defend it against his meteor
    before he give ‘Stopper’ at about 30%~40% hp, don’t forget use Bar Fira / Bar Stonra
    party average spr ~170-180+ (included focus),
    still able to survive although kefka always down at last minute ^^

  14. 6* Lightning(ifrit)471att, 6* Cecil(diabolos)5.5k HP, 6* WW Fina(shiva), 5* Kefka(ramuh)408mag, 5* Kain(golem), and friend Luneth for great damage. I also added barfira on Lightning. Kefka dies often but revive with Fina and heal with Cecil. Jump Kain 2nd turn not 1st to dodge meteor and Guard with Kefka for meteor. I use Diabolos with Cecil for osmos sustain. It’s worth fighting all the dragons for the loot. Just bring a Tent item to use just before boss.
    Btw, I can only ever get 1 red dragon to appear so I guess they are limited? I get multiple green and yelllow dragons.


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