The Enchanted Maze


The Enchanted Maze event is a good place for you to obtain those Cactuar, Snapper, Mini Burst Pots and Awakening Materials! The paths to the next level is always random so good luck getting to the Final Exit!



Level Enemy
1 Metal Minituar
2 Gil Snapper
3 Metal Cactuar
4 Mini Gil Snapper, Gil Snapper, King Gil Snapper, Mini Burst Pot
5 Metal Minituar, Metal Cactuar, Metal Gigantuar
6 Minituar x 3
Final LB Pot
Emergency Exit Metal Gigantuar

*Note: We do not have the Final Exit in global yet. 

Loots Earth’s Core, Aqua Pearl, Mystic Ore, Sacred Crystal, Deepsea Bloom, Crimson Tear, Farplane Dew, Scripture of Time, Luminous Horn, Book of Ruin, Rainbow Needle, Esper Cryst, Heaven’s Ash, Quality Parts, Crimson Tear, Litrock , Esper Shard, Golden Egg, Seed of Life


Note: Can you guys comment below what other materials you find in the dungeon.


    • I think it’s random-ish. At first I would barely get the first couple, but recently I’ve been getting to the triple minituars almost every time by following my instinct. This is a result after somewhere around 40-50 runs now, with the last ~15 I had getting to the current end in a row. It might be luck, but I doubt it at this point. There’s probably a pattern, but my conscious mind wasn’t able to figure it out.

  1. if manage to find one of the pattern i think. i keep trying the door on the left. once if the left door is correct. the pattern including the first door is = left, right, middle, left. and the last level with two doors. it seems either door will bring us to the three mini cactuar. again, this is only from my few attempts. might not actually 100% correct. but i did clear all level four times using the same patterns so far.

  2. This might sound strange and is definitely wrong, but I go through the door the items point to. I’ve gotten to 6th floor 7 times out of 13 runs

    • I tried it, cuz what the hell, why not? I got as far as I have gotten so far, it then I got a book and a round thing, and I didn’t really know which way the book was pointing, and (assuming there’s merit to this theory) I guessed wrong.

      I feel like they’re MUST be some way to figure it out because the announcement made a point to highlight “trust your instincts to find the way to the exit.” So far my instincts have been crap, but this is as good a theory as any…

    • I have a theory based on this. It’s kind of complicated, so bear with me…
      So, imagine the face of a clock, where you start at 12. At any “time” between 10 and 2, the correct door is the center. Any time from 2 to 6, the correct door is Right. Any time from 6 to 10 the correct door is left. Each item at the collection point adds or removes a set amount of time from the clock. Horns are strongly positive. Litrock and earths core are strongly negative. Books, esper crusts, esper shards, various others are neutral or very slightly positive/negative. If you get JUST a luminous horn, definitely go right. If you get JUST an earths core, definitely go left. BUT, too much positive or negative will force the needle into the opposite direction. A luminous horn and a rainbow needle together push all the way through right into left. The trick to knowing which way to go lies in knowing exactly how positive or negative each item is and adding it all up.
      Sounds crazy, but I’ve had a lot of success trying to follow this…

    • I’ve been doing the same. I always go through the door on the side the materials go to (or most of them do).
      It’s been working so far. Maybe just luck, huh?

      • Thank you for clarifying his theory! I tried the theory and its working so far. Go where the materials drop (majority wins) and if its a split go center. Works pretty well!

  3. chester seems to have the right idea, just tried it once. The only thing I ran into was 2 of the items went in the opposite direction 1 time and I had a 50/50 shot and got lucky.

    • Hey John,

      I just ran through another one with your theory, and went with the side that had 2 items that went left and one item went right, I went left and got emergency exit, so we can throw that theory out the window…

  4. If someone can test/confirm my theory for me when items from chest split, go to the door where the item went the furthest. example, item goes left and goes 1/4 inch and item goes right 1 inch, go with the right door. Thanks guys, we will get though this together lol

    • both went left, i went left, it was the exit.
      my last 5 have been one and done. haven’t made it past 2nd floor yet. quite aggravating.

  5. It appears to be based on the yellow item positions, if you get it by going straight with no left or right steps, use the middle door. If you have to step 1 to the right, use the right door. If you have to step 1 left, use the left door.

  6. So from my experiments.. Chest items are key. The direction they fall will indicate the right entrance, depending on how many items drop and where they drop, like arrows in a way, once you see the pattern. I’ll test again soon to confirm.

  7. From what I’ve seen it may be based on where your character walks. I’ve tried this around 6 times and all 6 times I got to the 4th door as long as I took the exact same walking path each time. If I took too much time or walked on a tile I didn’t want too, the results changed. Also it does seem like every 3 or so times it changes the RNG, BUT, it also seems to go back to normal after that one time.

  8. Comprehensive resource list (I believe this is all of them);
    Luminous Horn
    Book of Ruin
    Mystic Ore
    Rainbow Needle
    Esper Cryst
    Scripture of Time
    Sacred Crystal
    Heaven’s Ash
    Deepsea Bloom
    Earth’s Core
    Quality Parts
    Aqua Pearl
    Crimson Tear
    Farplane Dew
    Esper Shard
    Golden Egg
    Seed of Life
    Star Quartz & Scream Root
    The last two are drops from the 6th floor (not emergency exit floor)
    I /think/ I saw a Spiritsand but haven’t been able to confirm yet

  9. Honestly, I don’t see why the two doors are good and one door isn’t theory provable without the source code for the event. When I come to room with three doors, you can’t pick two in the same run to prove the theory. Therefore, it’s unsolvable. I’m talking to the person that threw my theory out the window with a flawed proof. By the way, not starting a fight, just throwing the theory back into the window lol.

    • If it truly is random then statistically it is testable. By recording your results using only the first 3 door room you can calculate the probability of getting a correct door or an incorrect door. If the number of times you get it correct is closer to 66% then it is likely that there are two correct doors. If instead you only get it correct 33% of the time then there is a single correct door. This does however depend on a decent sample size so crowdsourcing the information would be recommended.

  10. Well, it seems completely random, just went 1 – middle
    2 – middle
    3 – middle
    Then it skipped level 4 and went to 5 (i know cuz only 3 areas with 3 doors)
    THEN a 2 door only area (skipped the #4 map, i can tell due to the placement of the middle door)
    Then, shoulda picked right, but didnt 🙁

  11. Items are key just did 10 runs and got 9 pots…

    *3 item drops*
    Always door to the 2 item side

    *2 item drop*
    Always opposite 2 item side
    Both forward or Split means middle

    • I never picked opposite door from where items fell and it still worked. I believe, for my experience, that two doors are good, one is bad, until the two at end room, because I’ve been getting right doors way more than 33.3% and I’ve been going completely random, while also trying all these methods with no sure way to win, meaning it’s just luck.

    • This is the only method I’ve found that gets me to the end the majority of the time. Last zone will frequently give you split items, so sometimes its a toss up.

  12. Getting a bunch of Sacred Crystals, which is great and all, but I sort of wish, given the random odds of the whole maze, that they could have been nice enough to give us a shot at Holy Crystals through this. Often need those almost more then Sacreds.

  13. Well I tried the way suggested here where you sort of ‘follow’ the items dropped from the yellow points and it got me through the full maze on the first run. I’ll continue to try it out and see how well it does, but I had tried about 5 times choosing randomly and it never worked. The very first time I follow the direction of which direction more items drop/drop furthest, it worked.

  14. I have been following the materials based on how high level the drops are. If they are cheap materials i go left, if they are great like scared crystal i go mid, if they are medium I go right, life if it is heavens ash, many full runs

  15. None of these methods are correct. The correct 2 doors rotate clockwise. On the first lvl when you find the exit door remember it. Next time choose the to the left of the last exit door. Then each room after choose the second left clockwise from the last door entered. Works 10/10 times.

    Your welcome.

    • Before I elaborate on this method, I must say that I thought this was the winning formula, as it worked for me for 5 straight runs, then it stopped working all together. Tried the opposite direction of rotation and that didn’t work either.
      To elaborate;
      The first room you have to “guess” to an extent. Once you’ve gotten through the first door (let us say you went through the left door), you rotate clockwise, 2 doors. In this case, we went in the left door, so clockwise 2 doors is the right door. Go through this door and rotate clockwise 2 doors again, in this case, clockwise 2 doors from the right door, is the middle door. Again clockwise 2 doors from the middle door, is the left door.
      But again, let me say that this method STOPPED working for me.
      Gr1fon is right, if you can go through the same door, 3 floors in a row, it debunks this theory.

      Sorry folks!

  16. Hello I found a method that works for me , not sure if I can explain without pictures. However I’ll give it a try. There is fog in the stage a white/clear fog and a yellow or light looking fog. Look for the fog with sparkles at the top and just clear fog at the bottom of the door. The door must NOT have the yellow light starting from this door. I can usually get to at least 4th floor with this then it gets tricky but been to the end with the minitars 4 times now and usually get star quarts X2 and a scream root. Hope this helps someone and nope can’t do pictures don’t know how. Just pay attention to top if the cave entrances for a little while at each one and eventually you will see the fog

    • I think there is some merit to this method, as I too had noticed that the only thing that changes in each room, between each run, is the fog colours and direction. I couldn’t quite figure out what you were trying to explain, but I’m going to start analyzing the fog and figure out the pattern. Thanks for re-pointing me in this direction.

      Also, I haven’t had a proper look (easily distracted), but do the flowers on the grass change between runs? Could be another clue.

  17. I’ve tried all the different methods and none are consistent .

    What I do know is if I keep the same path each time, I usually get a few no matter what.

    Some better than none 🙂

  18. Lol I think Gump is playing us and every time they read and find out we found the method, they switch it and it stops working. Next time you find the method, don’t say it, and see if it continues to work 😀

  19. I’ve found the pattern. But there’s still RNG.
    Only 1 in 5 floors changes at a time (but which floor changes is random). And it consistently shifts the correct door to the right (L->M, M->R, R->L). (except for last floor, which only has LR).

    If the previous winning path was: L L M R L, and RNG changes 5th floor, your current winning path is L L M R R.
    You have a 20% or so chance of getting to the end (I’ve gotten to end in about 28% of runs) if you act on your last maze with fork 5 flipped.

    If your RNG changes fork 1-4, you can’t really predict it. But you can remember the underlying path. For example. M L R R L was your last maze, if you die on fork 3, your current maze is M L L R L. Keep track of it until RNG changes fork 5 and you will get to end.

    What this means is that, assuming you keep track of your maze, you have about 20% chance of RNG changing the last fork and getting to the end.

    I’m sitting on about 40 star quartzes so far from this event :). 4 units to level 80 so far.

      • Well I am able to get pretty deep consistently.

        We know that the path doesn’t completely change every single time, as there is some correlation with past path. The times where people get beat it multiple times in a row is testament to the fact.

        From my experiments, if fork 1 changes, I get it right next time (by trying door to the right of it) 80% of the time (20% fork 1 changes again). The door shifting right is very consistent, even on the latter stages.

        I get to fork 1 2 3 4 5 about the same amount, consistent with my hypothesis. (Small fix though. It can shift fork 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or none at all. This makes getting to the last fork 33%, and the last one is pretty much a coin flip.)

        I may be going crazy, but throwing your hands up and praising RNGesus is not a fun way to do research 🙂

        • I have been recording bad routes (in effect, it should be the same as keeping track of correct route since for example, if R is bad route, then correct route should be L or M).

          If your alternating theory is true that correct doors shift right on only 1 dungeon, then it should be impossible that I get a back-to-back runs with bad door to R, then bad door couldn’t be M in the next run (since the bad door should still be R if it didn’t change and L if it did), but I did get a bad door in that order. So either this hypothesis isn’t working, or the doors in each level can be 1 correct and 2 wrong paths.

          • Are you saying you had bad door r, r, then m?

            It could have been L the whole time. Or M M R or L M R (38% chance of these configurations total). Checking negatives doesnt tell you where shifts happen(slight but important difference) . But I am curious about your list. Not sure I can keep a consistent correct path estimation, but more raw data is fun right :).

            Do you have any data on correct doors shifting left in subsequent run?

            Try this strategy when you have energy? It is pretty resilient even after fork 1 shifts. And you usually fix paths pretty quickly 🙂

          • I do get a very high chance of getting to the same level going the same paths though. It is still possible that “doors change only one level at a time”, just that “doors consistently shift counter-clockwise on door change” maybe simply random.

        • I’m sorry you are right. To be honest, I also get urges to follow my own rules to picking doors that I know are not right rules, just so I can feel like I have better odds than complete randomness lol. Keep experimenting guys ☺

  20. Sorry guys, but I have to say. . I pick up lighting with the cheap one pull! Im so happy!! Yesterday o haver cach Kefka in the same way, luck man!

    • I dont undestand your question Chester. You really read my post? So, don’t have any relevant with the post, so what? Please, keep the education in any topic and i will keep the convoy, ok?

      +55 41 9211-8185

  21. Loot item pattern

    2pcs loot: split drop, MID way
    2pcs loot: drop both left, Left way (vice versa)
    3pcs loot: drop major left [2pcs left 1pc right] Left way (vice versa)
    3pcs loot: all Left Right way (vice versa)
    1pc loot: drop left, Left way (vice versa)

    not 100% accurate but more relevant
    note: minimize movement level 1-4 atleast 2 stops and most dont rush entering to the next level

  22. I think there’s got to be a signifier of when rng change kicks in.

    I’ve noticed sometimes there will be 3 loot but only 2 actually show when they land (the 3rd will essentially be inside the other loot). And typically it would be majority side door but that’s when I tend to lose. Is this a possible RNG switch for that floor?

    The rare occasion that all 3 land to one side and if they’re more rare drops, it seems that side is the way to go, however, if there’s an Espers shard and luminous horn in the same bundle, that side is wrong.

    I like the idea of 1 floor RNG changing occasionally, and it’s pretty consistent. Once I get a good run going, suddenly I’ll fail once and from there, consistently fail.

  23. I think goes on a 5 loop pattern. I tried just always picking right. 1st, 2nd & 3rd run won’t work but 4th and 5th run always gets me to the end. Then it’s random on whether or not i get the 3 cactuars or the giant one. I’ve repro-ed this 10 straight times (50 total runs)

  24. To add to my proven winning method.. rotating clockwise. … the doors reset. There are 3 different “path combos” if you emergency exit the doors will reset to the 1st path combo.. read above to see my method. I have done this over 60 time now and it works every time. Perhaps im not explaining it well.

    • I am really confused on what you mean be 2nd left clockwise.
      Can we try an example run?
      Run 1: We go down (*) the right path ([R]) and hit the emergency exit ([EE]) right away.
      Floor 1- [L] [M] [R*]
      l-> [EE]

      Run 2: Based on what you listed above, we should take the middle door on the first floor, but i have no idea what to do after that.
      Floor 1 – [L] [M*] [R]
      l->[Floor 2]
      Floor 2 – [L] [M] [R] ???

      using this, could you run through a full cycle?

    • RNG – random number generator (or in some forums Random Number God) basically the random numbers that make up the current luck based thing, whether it be the map itself or just drops. For example, if someone is playing a MMORPG and gets a super rare item that has a 1% spawn rate, he might say “Thanks RNG God!” in jest.
      In this case it’s talking about how the path you need to take to advance changes every time seemingly randomly.

  25. It’s totally random. I always just go middle every time (and always left at the end). Reached the end many times. Failed many times. Either way, tons of Cactuars and Star Quartz for me.

  26. It probably may be RNG, but it seems to be working quite well for me.
    I decide de doors based on rarity points from the items.
    Left up to 5, middle around 10 and right over 10.
    So if I get something like 3 esper shard (rarity 1) they sum up 3 points, which is left.
    If reached lv5 in all the runs so far

  27. There is no such thing as random in a computer program. There is a set of computational algorithms that make a program appear random, but there is always a pattern. I may not know it, but its a game event. I doubt its as complex as a lottery randomizer program. The community can figure it out, if they work together.

    • That’s just not correct. If you tell a computer to pick any number (or door) between one and three at random, it will pick them at random. Much like coin flips or dice rolls, any pattern you see is just a pattern you see over the short run. Statistically, each door has the same chance of coming up over the long run. Computers are just dandy at coming up with random patterns. Humans are not, and they’re great at seeing patterns that aren’t actually there.

  28. So I ran the method where I find the fail door on the first level. The next run, I go to the door to the left counting clockwise (if I failed on R, next time I will go L). Each level I count clockwise around the room two doors and enter that door.
    Example run: I fail first floor the far right door.

    Next run: I go L, R, M, L, and the last door seems to be RNG. Tested twice so far and made it to the end.

    It’s quite possible that the 1st and last doors are influenced by the items, and that way you can determine which one fails.

    If it truly does reset, for example, if I fail the first level, then it resets to the first path and I know what route to take to the end. However, if I fail round 2, and it resets, I still don’t know what door I need to use to fail, but it certainly is not the door I used to get through the first time to make it through. So I choose a different door. If I make it through again, it resets, and I’m guaranteed to fail on the last for the first level. Essentially leads to a starting 1/4 chance of finding the correct path. I haven’t had the energy to try anything after that though so if someone could test.

  29. The program can not be random. It is impossible. Read my frist post and the post 2 above this one to get the corrcet method to maximize you loots.

    • It’s not impossible. However, given the success rate, I’m guessing that there’s only one “bad” door, at least for the first two levels. After that, there might be two bad doors, given the amount of times that I get kicked out after the second or third area. If you follow an algorithm and it doesn’t work every time, then you haven’t figured it out, you’ve just gotten lucky.

  30. Pseudorandom and random numbers are statistically identical to each other. While most programs generate pseudorandom numbers, that doesn’t mean you can guess the output. There are ways of generating truly random numbers with a computer, but if Vegas slot machines use pseudorandom numbers, you don’t need to worry about the distinction. Functionally, you can’t game the system.

    • Agreed. Unless you have the seed value and the form of random generation I’m afraid it’s as unpredictable as when the wind will blow with what force and direction.

  31. There are times when the loot position method works and then there’s times where the above method works… So yeah, there’s statistically not just one method of winning. That’s a fact. Leveled most of my characters though so I’m satisfied with this event regardless. Collecting limit break pots would be nice but I’m not going to headache over it!

  32. OK, look you guys..

    For any set of doors there is one bad door. All other doors are good.

    If you select randomly, you have a 13.16% chance to get to the split path at the end, and then a 50-50 chance at getting that right.

    Gumi is probably using the Mersenne Twister method for randomizing which door is bad. It’s one of the most common methods in gaming. As a method, it should be sufficient as at worst, with a poor seeding method, you won’t see repeated patterned output for 10,000 or so repeats.

    All this watching the items nonsense is pure superstition. This kind of thinking is how woo gets started.

    If you really think that Gumi is bad at randomization… why haven’t you tried to “figure out” the “trick” behind Summon pulls?

    I have literally gotten to the end twice by going straight up the center over and over. The items don’t give you hints.

    I just got to round 4 twice using “go left over and over” before coming here and will likely get to the end using that method before long.

    Pick ANY method, be it “follow deh itemz” or “Pat my belly and hop on one foot” and you’ll go through any set of doors more often than not (except for the last set)

    • agreed 100% there is no way to get to the end using any of the strats above. It’s random and it’s funny people are still trying to figure it out lol. Anyways, excited for more King Mog loot coming up!

    • It’s random only if the programmer set it to be purely random.

      It is very possible, for example, that they would program it so that only 1 or 2 levels change each time, or item random and the value of rarity or direction of fall is affected by correct door, for example, 20% additional pull to direction of doors.

      We never know, and it’s worth experimenting.

      Personally, I’ve had success in going same route in consecutive runs (if I made it to level 3 on the first run, I go the same route up to level 3 on the next run and I wouldn’t encounter wrong doors. I’m relatively certain that not all levels are randomly switched for every single run.

    • Yeah. If its ALL just rng, how can you explain a VERY HIGH number of people getting same results on the same paths? All sights and forums ive read mentioned certain paths being the same for a limited time. This proves its all a CUBE theory. Its NOT just rng. The same path can work over and over. Until 1 or 2 levels shift. If it was all rng, you would lose at the 1st door one in 3 times. But does anyone really lose at the first door that often? If first door worked last time it seems to work again more than 66 percent like youd think. Meaning the room shifts come in later levels and first level is mostly unchanged. This means there is a pattern. Its not pure rng. Admit it. Youve got to level 2 way more than 66 percent the time. So throw out the RNGzus theory!

      • Billy, I plotted my door rates on day 3 and 4. Every single set of doors has danced around 33% for me, except I have a higher fail rate on door 2 and a 90ish percent success rate on the last set of triple doors.

        Over the last 3 days I ran all center and managed to win with that twice in 15 runs (not consecutively). I then ran all left until I won with it twice (took 18 runs) then I ran all right umtil I won with that once (took 16 runs just for the one.)

        From then on I just ran to the closest door every time. I stopped plotting, but I know my sequences were identical, and that I won a handful of times, none of which were consecutive.

        Y’all are simply finding patterns where there are none, sorry to say.

  33. Its definitly NOT pure RNG. Many people mention getting the same runs in a row as if the theory that only one level changes each run. Whenever i get to the end. I can do it 3 times in a row. If i get a bad end on level one or 2, its the same each time if i try that path again. I believe its like the cube movie. One level shifts every 3 or 5 minutes. This explains why when you find a good run and you have the energy, It will work again instantly. The same with a dead end. Its always the same if you try again right away. The best tactic is to wait til youre full on energy, pick a path, and then alter the door you lost on until you find the path. And do as many as you can before doors shift again like the Cube. Ive tested this with good paths and instand dead ends and my theory has held up all week still.

  34. Its seems so far as if getting the bad exit shifts 1 level around so that the path is mostly intact. Ive been having better luck taking the path left of the bad ones on instant subsequent runs. Before they change again. If it was all rng, then getting to room 5 is a 20 percent chance. Which it is if i only do 1 run an hour. But odds DO improve if i do as many as i can in shortest time possible finding the path of the 5 minute time frame

  35. One time after a failed run I saw a Moogle behind one of the doors on my next run (The center one) I went in and it was correct, so I looked around the next room for more moogles but couldnt see any. Anyone else see moogles after failed runs?

  36. This has really worked for me so far:

    Just go clockwise as soon as you progress through the first gate. If you start left it would be mid, right, left, etc. Good luck.

  37. I figured it out! I get to the end every time. 17 times in a row so far. Ok so the doors work in a counter clockwise rotation. If the right door is open first it goes right middle left right. If the middle is first then its middle left right middle. And left first is left right middle left. The entry point moves clockwise. So if you start one time on the left. Next Time it will be middle first. If middle is first then start right next time. I swear it has worked for me over and over again.

  38. I agree that the maze is random, but however with the yellow spot item drops theory, still gets me further usually than my gut.. so i will continue sticking with it.. out of 30 runs, i have gotten to the end 14 times with that theory, and going with the more expensive side route as well.. using like common materials, uncommon materials, and rare 6* materials as basis for direction as well. common mats, go opposite direction, if it says middle, pick random of LR. thats what i have been going with.

  39. I have two theories about this:
    1. “trust our instinct” on this one? because they do some shit about our subconsciousness. the show the moogle fairy behind the correct door but only for less than a split second (sometimes it gets bugged and the moogle fairy stays behind that door so I already know which door to go) and our conscious mind cannot register that split sec (usually when you encounter the level`s enemy and there`s flash and the screen is zooming in zooming out) but our subcon can so we kind of think it`s instinct

    2. there are no real patterns but there are times when the good moogle fairy will visit and stay behind a door, getting to enter the door it is guarding reverses the probability (dafault: 1 correct door, 2 wrong doors, moogled: 2 correct doors, 1 wrong) I say this because encountering a moogle gets me 100% chance of getting to the last level until recently so I guess it just increases your winning chance

    Good day adventurers!

  40. There seems to be a pattern to the maze. I’ve managed to get 6 solid runs in a row by changing the next to last door after I get a correct run, then after the 3 runs I switch my first door from center to right, and I get 3 more with the same series of door choices. I thought if I went to the left after that I would get it again, but no luck.

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