The Frozen Cavern

Global Changes:

Trial Guide Here

First Clear Rewards:

Dungeon First Clear Reward
BGN Rare Summon Ticket x 1
INT Debased Coins x 200
ADV Debased Coins x 300
PRO Debased Coins x 500
ELT Lapis x 500

Mog King Rewards:

Standard Items

Item Debased Coins Limit
Y-Potion 100 10
Mega Ether 200 5
Remedy 5 10
Metal Gigantuar 100 100
Elixir 100 10
Phoenix Down 200 10
Screamroot 150 10
Fine Alcryst 150 10
Red Megacite 100 30
Blue Megacite 100 30
Violet Megacite 100 30
Orange Megacite 100 30
Yellow Megacite 100 30
Sacred Crystal 150 20
Fairies’ Writ 160 30
Rainbow Bloom 160 30
Calamity Gem 160 30
Prismatic Horn 160 30
Calamity Writ 160 30
Divine Crystal 160 30
Fairies’ Writ 540 200
Rainbow Bloom 540 200
Calamity Gem 540 200
Prismatic Horn 540 200
Calamity Writ 540 200
Divine Crystal 540 200
Hard Rock 100 300
Fury Seed 100 300
Wicked Drop 100 300
Brillant Ray 100 300
Lucky Seedling 100 300
Bizarre Box 100 300
Star Quartz
300 4
600 3
900 3
Rare Summon Ticket
500 2
1000 3
3000 2
6,000 3
Trust Moogle 1* 10,000 5
Trust Moogle 30,000 1



Item Debased Coins Limit
Guard Giancryst 30,000 3
Healing Giancryst 30,000 3
Green Giancryst 30,000 3
White Giancryst 30,000 3
Black Giancryst 30,000 3
Power Giancryst 30,000 3
Support Giancryst 30,000 3
Tech Giancryst 30,000 3
Guard Purecryst 80,000 1
Healing Purecryst 80,000 1
Green Purecryst 80,000 1
White Purecryst 80,000 1
Black Purecryst 80,000 1
Power Purecryst 80,000 1
Support Purecryst 80,000 1
Tech Purecryst 80,000 1


Event Items

Item Debased Coins Limit
Power Shield 1
Thermal Suit 1
Cold Defense 1
Thunder Defense 1

Character Bonus


Monsters Area
Flan BGN, INT,
Tarantula ADV, PRO, ELT
Arachne PRO, ELT
Mindflayer ELT
Yojimbo (Rare) ADV, PRO, ELT
Elder Couerl (Rare) ADV, PRO, ELT

Bonus Monsters

Yojimbo – Human
LV – 30
HP – 30,000
MP – 300
+100% Fire Resist | -50% Lightning and Light Resist
Immune to Petrify
Elder Couerl – Beast
LV – 30
HP – 10,000
MP – 200
+100% Ice Resistance | +50% Light Resistance | -50% Fire Resistance
Immune to Petrify



Event Stage


5 2 105
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest X-Potion
No Items Lapis x 10
Use White Magic Lapis x 10
No Continue Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Rare Summon Ticket x 1
GL – 50



10 3 210
Mission Reward 
Clear Quest Tent
Use LB Once Lapis x 10
Use Black Magic Lapis x 10
No Continue Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Token x 200
GL – 100



15 3 1441 4350 310
Mission  Reward 
Clear Quest Remedy
Use Magic more than 3 times Lapis x 10
Kill Tarantula within 5 turns Lapis x 10
No Continue Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Token x 300
GL – 160



20 4 2071 8300 500
Mission (TBC) Reward 
Clear Quest Phoenix Down
Deal Fire and Light Damage Lapis x 10
Defeat Arachne with LB Lapis x 10
No Continue Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Token x 500
GL – 275



25 5 2850 26800 600
Mission  Reward
Clear Quest Lapis x 20
Don’t Die Lapis x 10
Defeat Mindflayer with Magic Lapis x 10
Party of 4 or less Spirit +20%
First clear reward
Lapis x 500
GL – 400


ELT Wave


Mindflayer – Aquatic / Demon ?
LV – 75
HP – 800,000
MP – 1000
+100% Ice Resistance | -50% Lightning and Light Resistance
Immune to all


  • Aquan Killer Effective
  • ATK/DEF/SPR Break effective
  • Do not use any Water-based Weapon/Attack/Magic



Recommended Units

6 Noctis



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