The Hanging Edge


Rain and his crew will be retaliating the oppressors as one of the citizen of Cocoon. There, the struggle of those bent on changing the world order to escape their inconceivable fates strikes a chord with Rain. Little did he know that he will soon be witness to the hidden power awaiting at the end of the world…..

Note: Guide and figures are currently based on the Japanese Build. I will update accordingly when global event releases.

High chance bosses will get a buff*

First Clear Rewards:

Dungeon First Clear Reward
BGN Recipe – Morale Talisman (ATK+10, Auto-Brave)
INT Perovskite (Material for Morale Talisman)
ADV Recipe – Winged Saint (ATK+56 DEF+44)
PRO Uraninite (Material for Winged Saint)
ELT Trochoid Gear x300, Lapis x 100


Mog King Rewards (TBC):

Standard Items

Item Trichoid Gear Limit
Hi-Potion 5 10
Ether 5 10
Tent 5 10
X-Potion 20 10
Turbo Ether 20 10
Remedy 30 10
Metal Gigantuar 100 100
Elixir 100 10
Phoenix Down 200 10
Screamroot 150 10
Fine Alcryst 150 10
Fairies’ Writ 160 20
Rainbow Bloom 160 20
Calamity Gem 160 20
Prismatic Horn 160 20
Calamity Writ 160 20
Divine Crystal 160 20
Fairies’ Writ 540
Rainbow Bloom 540
Calamity Gem 540
Prismatic Horn 540
Calamity Writ 540
Divine Crystal 540
Hard Rock 100
Fury Seed 100
Wicked Drop 100
Brillant Ray 100
Lucky Seedling 100
Bizarre Box 100
MP+10% 800 4
MAG+10% 800 4
DEF+10% 800 4
SPR+10% 800 4
Star Quartz
300 4
600 3
900 3
Rare Summon Ticket
1000 4
3000 3
6,000 3
Trust Moogle 30,000 1
Trust Moogle 70,000 1

Event Items

Item Trichoid Gear Limit
Thunderfall (Lightning Exclusive, 2.1x Lightning AOE with -50% Lightning resistance for 3 turns) 6000 1
Here We Go (Snow exclusive, DEF/SPR +50% to self for 3 turns) 5600 1
Malboro Wand (Vanille Exclusive, ATK+15, SPR+60, chance to Poison/Blind) 5500 1
Hyades Magnums (Sazh Exclusive, ATK+58, Heat Blitz Ability) 5000 1
Calamity Spear (Fang Exclusive, ATK+75, Wind Elemental) 5000 1
Tezcatlipoca (Hope Exclusive, ATK+65, HP+20%) 5500 1
Attacker (FF13 Exclusive) 2600 TBC
Defender (FF13 Exclusive) 2600 TBC
Entrancing Tail (Materials) 80
Menacing Wing (Materials) 80
Iridium Plug (Materials) 50
Paraffin Oil (Materials) 80
Crystal Oscillator (Materials) 120


Character Bonus



  • Fire-based Spells and Specials
  • Thunder-based Spells and Specials
  • Full-Break
  • Dispel

Metal Gigantuar

Similar to the Brave Frontier event, there is a chance to encounter bonus token-giving unit. This time, it’ll be Metal Gigantuars. However, the MGs are loners so you’ll encounter 1 of them at any one time.

event11_metalgigantuar2 Metal Gigantuar – Plant
LV – 70
HP – 50,000
MP – 1000
Immune to Sap and Petrify

Based on the Japanese version, the chance for Metal Gigantuar to appear on PRO and ELT is 3% and 6% respectively.


Monsters Difficulty
Beta Behemoth ADV PRO ELT
Myrmidon PRO ELT
Manasvin Warmech BGN ELT
Metal Gigantuar PRO ELT

Monster Stats available on ELT TAB below

Event Stage


3 1 32 300 51
Mission Reward
Clear Quest 20
No Limit Bursts 10
Use Magic 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Recipe – Morale Talisman
Possible Drops
Magicite Shard
Trochoid Gear – 2



5 3 267 1600 85
Mission Reward
Clear Quest 20
Deal Lightning Damage 10
Evoke and Esper 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Possible Drops
Trichoid Gear – 16



8 3 550 4630 136
Mission Reward
Clear Quest 20
No Magic 10
Use a Limit Burst 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Recipe – Winged Saint
Possible Drops
Trochoid Gear – 24
Beta Behemoth



10 4 1085 10600 170
Mission Reward
Clear Quest 20
No Limit Burst 10
Use Magic 3 or more times 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Possible Drops
Sacred Crystal
Trochoid Gear – 50-52



13 4 1718 15100 221
Mission Reward
Clear Quest 20
Party of 5 or less 10
Use 3 of more Limit Bursts 10
Do not die 10
First clear reward
Trochoid Gear x300, Lapis x 100
Possible Drops
Sacred Crystal, Holy Crystal, Megacite
Trochoid Gear – 104
Manasvin Warmech


Monster Stats

psicom_enforcer PSICOM Marauder– Human
LV – 70
HP – 61,000
MP – 240
Immune to Sap and Petrify


psicomaerialrecon PSICOM Aerial Recon – Human
LV – 70
HP – 58,000
MP – 230
Immune to Sap and Petrify


pantheron Pantheron – Beast
LV – 70
HP – 60,000
MP – 200
-50% Fire and Ice Resistance
Immune to Sap and Petrify


beta-behemoth Beta Behemoth – Beast
LV – 70
HP – 130,000
MP – 300
-50% Lightning and Water Resistance
Immune to Sap and Petrify


myrmidon Myrmidon – Machine
LV – 70
HP – 140,000
MP – 310
-50% Fire Resistance
+70% Paralysis Resistance | Immune to all


manasvin_warmech Manasvin Warmech – Machine
LV – 70
HP – 280,000
MP – 320
-50% Lightning and Water Resistance
Immune to all


Manasvin Warmech

  • At below 50%, it will charge up 1 turn and AOE wipe you the following turn
  • Kill it in 2 turns or;
  • Dispel the Charge and pray that you have enough HP to tank his AOE.

Recommended Unit

If event is not buffed, 2 x 6* Lightning should be able to clear the all the mobs, chaining Electric Blitz while you stack other event units for Trochoid Bonus.

Alternatively, use Mages that are able to Double Cast Lightning or Fire based spells to take down the monsters quickly.

  • Exdeath, Arc, Krile, Vivi




  1. This event easy fight, even ELT fight also easy , but hard to farm material ,especially getting expensive item trade, unless u get all unit bonus on banner x_x”,so far i only get sazh with bonus 50% T_T , tough luck on this event

    • add info : gear drop rate on ELT 72~121, coz i just fight one with metal gigantuar that give 500 gear , and after battle i only get 572 + bonus 50% 286(sazh)

  2. so … 100 cogs a fight with no bonus metal gods… just getting the mats for the fist weapon is going to be a bloody pain this time, forget about getting anything else.

    • honestly don’t bother, from reddit:

      “Let me save you some time. If you want the Morale Talisman (and why would you?), you’ll need 1,600 gears.

      If you want the Winged Saint… You’ll need 8,300 gears. Assuming you get 100 gears from each ELT run, you’re looking at 83 runs just to get a fist weapon that WoL might use if he’s feeling sassy. And you’re sacrificing everything else to get that weapon.

      This event is a complete waste of time, and more importantly, the good will of its players”

      • sassy WOL, picture that looooool. didn’t realise winged saint was a weapon, assumed it was an armour based on the pic. defo don’t need for another 50-some ATK weapon!

        easy boss but seriously disappointing payoff

    • to kill metal gigantuar ,
      if physical atk :
      use deprotect then use combo skill barrage/crushing blow/any multiple atk or any unmitigated def e.g ultimate blow/call of void/anything like that skill
      if use magical atk :
      use deshell then use dual black magic meteor or dual cast ultima,that unmitigates spr
      if use elemental magic atk :
      use imperil then use dual black magic / dual cast -ga spell
      if most fastest way equip “throw” ability use grenade/flac grenade or any fix dmg item e.g bomb fragment

    • only get what you want to trade , from my view , i skipped getting material for winged saint and acc morale talisman , but already trade something unworthed like “Thunder Fall” materia for my Lightning , so now only farm for trust moggle 30k(if lightning provide bonus 100% on 2nd week ) , *6 material awakening (current) , star quartz ( current ),FF13 attacker / defender materia ( if there’re high chance getting with fight metal gigantuar ), that’s my doing currently

  3. ….the event is worse trash than the Brave Frontier event.

    The amulet might be okay but the auto brave on it is a buff… if you cast an atk buff it will override it.

    All the specialty items are unit specific and for 5* capping units. The only purpose is to fill inventory bags with a bunch of 1 and 2 item stacks of weapons, accessories, equipment and materia, for each individual unit.

    Event payout is so tiny and requires full parties of maxed out units from the active panel in order to get a good run yield.

    Not even enough Lapis in the calendar to afford a single daily summoning this month.

    Stage Lapis rewards do not refresh.

    I think I am going to just lvl my present units and say screw Gumi… at least they go 6*. Bosses get too much of a damage boost and resistance boost against 5* and below.

    If the events keep up like this I may be deleting the game.

  4. Lightning’s new materia “Thunder Fall” bug, not function at all for -50% lightning resist, when i use imperil only -20% all elemental resistance use normal weapon, i do more dmg with electric blitz and also its dmg mag base not atk base suck skill, poor dumb me waste time farming fake materia T_T

  5. Didn’t realise Winged Saint was a weapon either. I’d assumed it was an accessory or something. Definitely not worth the bother then. Might farm for a few awakening materials or summon tix when I have nothing better do to, but that’s about it.

  6. For event exclusive, only Calamity Spear (for elemental chain) is worth getting if you have spare. Tezcatlipoca would be for gamble that Hope would turn into *6 and be amazing in the future and need to increase survivability (but it’s a bad bet).

    Personally, I’m getting:
    Summon ticket > Metal Gigantuar > Star Quartz > Calamity Spear > Tezcatlipoca > Elixir/Pheonix Down > Winged Saint > 6* awakening mats (already have about 100 of each, it’ll likely be easier to get in other events)

      • Calamity spear is for Fang only. I don’t see the point of getting any of the items this event except for the usual summon tix, gigantuars and TMs. Even 6* mats is worth getting but nothing else.

  7. all weapon on list are for unit FF 13 exclusive only , so i skipped it , the only matter is i found extreme rare metal gigantuar spawn after few days ago farming gears,or maybe just me ??,on 2nd week i hope can farm more gears,since Lightning give bonus rate 100%,especially getting TMs

    add slot friend about 10 slots :
    my id : 796 766 351

  8. The event has been made a tiiiiny bit easier. It now drops around 150 gears each run at PRO, hasn’t try ELT because PRO is the limit where I can auto the battles. Makes getting the trust moggles much easier. whether its just temporary due to the prolonged maintanance of permanent, not sure yet.

  9. The boost is permanent, or at least, while the event lasts. I’m consistently getting 200+ on ELT. Lightning getting a 100% bonus makes a huge difference.
    With a bonus of ~500%, I get ~1200 gears per run. Can’t wait to run into a gigantuar. Get your lightning friends and go farming!

  10. Still no luck drawing Lightning, but I do have low-level Hope, Fang & Sazh. I CBA levelling them enough to run pro, since I have no need of using them for anything else. However, I am currently running Advanced with the three of them, plus a friend’s maxed Lightning & my maxed Kefka & Exdeath, for a yield of 230-260 gears per run. Not too shabby, for the low NRG cost.

  11. Farm at PRO more easy than ELT , get all your bonus unit , just bring out 1 Lightning / Exdeath,friend Lightning,
    PRO 134~194( ELT 208~228 gear) at PRO you get more bonus since you can bring all bonus unit more than at ELT , my squad : Fang,Fang,Vanille,Sazh,Lightning,friend Lightning total bonus 425%, with 134 gear bonus will be ~569 total 703 gear energy ONLY 10 need/run while ELT , i can clear it with Fang,Vanille,Lightning,CoD,Exdeath,friend Lightning total bonus 325% with ~208 gear bonus 676 total 884 gears ,but remember ELT 13 energy/run ,i count it PRO get more gears on total for all energy i used
    on Pro i can do total 10 run/full energy , ELT only 7 run/full energy

      • my friend also bad luck at summon to draw lightning, he get hope 2,vanille 1, fang 1 at low lv also, but he complete PRO with newly get at lv 1 hope,hope,fang,vanille,Black Cat Lid, friend Lightning without any trouble,since PRO bos not immune paralysis and always get paralysis by BC Lid’s Hex Strike or Exdeath’s Limit break(i’ve tried it for 5 times before),note if you encounter metal gigantuar you can paralysis it too, also poison it


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