The Man in Black

40 1 1000
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest Lapis x 100
Defeat Golbez with Esper Shadow Dragon Scales (ACC: MAG+30, Light Resist +30%)
Use Limit Burst Rare Summon Ticket x 2
Party 5 or Less Trust Moogle 4*
First clear reward
Lunarian’s Hate (Ability: MAG+25%, MP+15%)



Golbez – Human
LV – 70
HP – 3,800,000
MP – 1000
Immune to all
Shadow Dragon – Dragon
LV – 70
HP – 3,200,000
MP – 100
Immune to all



BOSS / Behavior Pattern
Skill Effect
Binding Cold
AOE | Bring HP down to 10
Binding Cold
AOE | Bring HP down to 10 | Chance to Paralyze
Come forth, my creature of shadow!
AOE | Bring HP down to 10 | Summon Shadow Dragon
AOE | Fire Magic Damage
AOE | Lightning Magic Damage
ST | Dark Magic Damage | 100% Poison
ST | Magic Damage | MP Drain
AOE | Magic Damage | HP Drain


Shadow Dragon

BOSS / Behavior Pattern
Skill Effect
Black Fang
ST | 999999 Damage
Black Fang
AOE | 999999 Damage | Used when Golbez dies first


Phase 1 – When Golbez HP more than 50% (It will force stop at 49%)

  • Keep SPR Buff up
  • Make sure all units are immune to Poison
  • Golbez will only use Physical attacks on Phase 1

Phase 2 – When Golbez HP is below 50%

  • Summons Shadow Dragon which will reduce all HP to 10 and ends turn
  • Keep reraise up at all times especially on healer.

Path 1 – Golbez dies first

  • Shadow Dragon’s Black Fang will turn AOE
  • Keep reraise up on team and quickly take down Dragon

Path 2 – Shadow Dragon dies first

  • Golbez will cast one of the skill that brings HP down to 10. This is a problem if he follows up with another attack.
  • Keep reraise up
  • He will start using Osmose and Drain

Strategy (Shadow Dragon die first route)

  • Man-eater
  • Keep Fire and Lightning Elemental Resist buff up
  • SPR Buff
  • Breaks does not work
  • When Dragon is up, make sure tank’s provoke is always up. Keep reraise on Tank.
  • Before you kill the dragon, make sure reraise is up on all members especially your healer. Golbez will most likely kill you next turn.
  • Finish up Golbez


Recommended Team

Tank – Wilhelm for Attack Buff and damage reduction
Support – Rikku for Reraise
Healer – Ayaka or Tilith
Attackers – 2 Chainers that can chain well together.


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