The Web-Weaving Princess

Note: Unlike previous Mog Challenges, there is an Exploration mode for this one.

Location Reward
Star Quartz
Star Quartz
Debased Coin x 500
Carbon Bangle
Debased Coin x 500
Rune Saber
Garnet Bracelet
Star Quartz


There are 2 modes, Easy and Hard. Since both modes share the same Exploration map, the treasure chest can only be open once.

Easy Mode

3 50
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest Lapis x 20
Deal Light Damage Lapis x 10
Use Black Magic Lapis x 10
Defeat a Ronin with LB Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Debased Coin x 200


Hard Mode

20 640
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest 4* Trust Moogle
No Smoke Bombs Debased Coins x 10000
Defeat Ariadne within 10 turns Fire Resistance +15%
Don’t Die Iron Duke (LS: ATK+118)
First clear reward
4* Trust Moogle



Ariadne – Undead
LV – 99
HP – 4,000,000
MP – 5000
+100% Lightning Resistance | -50% Fire and Light Resistance
Immune to all


Attack Pattern
Spider net ST | Stop | 2 turns
Lightning ball AOE | 220% Lightning Physical Damage
It jumps 200% Physical attack
Thunder swing ST | 220% Lightning Physical Damage
Thunder swing ST | 250% Lightning Physical Damage
Discharge AOE | 250% Lightning Magic Damage
Discharge AOE | 280% Lightning Magic Damage
Born from Tarantula Two summons Tarantula


  • Undead Killer
  • DEF/SPR Break susceptible
  • Summons adds at 70,50,30 percent HP
  • The spider net skill one only be used once (TBC)
  • The boss itself is not very difficult since it’s weak to Light Resistance. However, there are hidden bosses in the Exploration Map that can pose a little challenge.

Hidden Bosses

Elder Couerl – Beast
LV – 80
HP – 1,200,000
MP – 1000
+100% Ice Resistance | +50% Light Resistance | -50% Fire Resistance
Immune to Sleep, Paralyze, Confuse and Petrify


  • Chance to appear 2 units in 1 battle
  • It has Light Resistance
  • Has a Instant Death mechanic (after charging)
Yojimbo – Human
LV – 99
HP – 5,000,000
MP – 10,000
+100% Fire Resistance | -50% Lightning and Light Resistance
Immune to all except Blind


  • Rare Enemy, drops 500 extra tokens
  • DEF/SPR Break susceptible
  • Has AOE Instant Death and Confusion (Equip Safety Bit on Resser)
  • Strong Physical Attacks thus make try to Blind him


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