Town of Mitra

town of mitra


Treasure Key Box
1 Recipe – Fire Blade
2 Recipe – Barfire
Treasure Chest
3 Earth Key 6
4 Bronze Armor
5 Antidote
6 Eye Drops
7 Bronze Knuckles
8 Potion
9 Feathered Cap
10 Silver Glasses
11 Star Quartz


3. Earth Key – 6

Go to level 2 of the Inn and follow the picture below:

town of mitra -key6


town of mitra -q

Quest Name Rewards
1. Secrets Unearthed Recipe – Blizzard
2. For My Eyes Only Recipe – Cure
3. Bleeder of the Pack Recipe – Bronze Mace
4. A Hello to Arms Silk Robe
5. Feather’s in Your Cap Buckler
6. Succor for Sore Eyes Hi-Potion

1. Secrets Unearthed


Collect the treasure chest in Earth Shrine Exploration which contains the secret tome.

2. For My Eyes Only

town of mitra -q2

Step 1 – Get quest from Woman.
Step 2 – Talk to the Villager at the bottom right of map.
Step 3 – Talk to Young Man in front of the barracks.
Step 4 – Talk to the Soldier in the Barracks. The 1 in the small room on the right.
Step 5 – Return to Woman and get your reward.

3. Bleeder of the Pack

You can kill Wolves in Dalnakya Cavern.

4. An Armorer’s Aspirations

You can collect Lumber from any Material Pickup spots in Grandshelt Isles.

5. A Lazy Day’s Diversion

You will need to unlock Grandport to start the quest.

  1. Talk to the lady in the second Inn at Grandport.
  2. Collect quest from the NPC in Town of Mitra (see indicator 5 in map).
  3. You can find raptor feathers in Dalnakya Cavern – Exploration.

6. Succor for Sore Eyes

Collect the Eye drops from the bottom treasure chest in town. See Map above.