TW Stream 10/2/2017 – Summary


Here is a run-down of what was talked about in the Taiwan stream yesterday.

Yesterday’s stream was mainly to introduce the new banner characters and the latest Trials of Love event. Towards the end of the stream (50:00), Global Producer answered 2 QnAs.

Question 1

At the start of the game, we can see our main characters riding on Chocobos, will there be Chocobo Shops or will we be able to ride on a Chocobo in the future? 

H – Currently, there are no plans to allow Players to ride on Chocobo for traveling. The main advantage of riding a Chocobo is to speed up traveling time. However, the current Exploration system in the game does not require the function of a Chocobo. As for the Chocobo shop, there is already the Secret Fat Chocobo Shop in the game for the Players to find.

Question 2

Will characters from Final Fantasy Brave Exvius be appearing on the other Final Fantasy series?

At the moment, there are no plans for it however, this is something very possible. For example, there are many other mobile Final Fantasy games in the market and it is possible to have crossover events with these games.

The guest of the stream was also given a chance to ask 2 questions to the Producer which will be answered in the future.

Question 1

Currently, the Arena Medal Exchange require Players to manually exchange the rewards 1 by 1. Will there be a function in the future to allow Players to simply tap on 1 button to receive all the rewards.

Question 2

In the current version of the game, we are not able to see the maximum value of the stats we can obtain from consuming Stat Pots, thus a lot of time, Players will actually consume more than is required which ended up wasting these Pots. We know that the current Japanese version has this function thus we would like to know if we will be getting it soon.


The Host also mentioned that there will be a big Patch coming soon in the near future which includes a lot of improvements to the game’s function.


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