Two-Headed Dragon


Disclaimer: Guide based on the Japan Build of the game. I will edit accordingly once our global version is released! Once again, since the trial is long expired, there is a very high chance that the fight will be more difficult in Global.


  • Full Break is USELESS in this fight
  • This is basically an Auto-Attack fight so bring units with Dual Wield, TWIN LANCER or Lightning’s Aurora Scarf.
  • Dragon Killer
  • Raise, Full-Life, Phoenix Down <— Must bring
  • Provoke and Units with Block/Guard abilities
  • Cheer (Embolden), Focus 
  • Prepare gear or pots for curing Paralyze, Silence and Blind.
  • Bring along Remedy to remove these status.

Boss: Two-Headed Dragon

2headeddragon Dragon
LV – 99
HP – 1,000,000
MP – 1600
+50% Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, Holy, +80% Dark Resist
Immune to all


Attack Pattern:

Attack Pattern Effect
Regular Attack Physical attack on a single unit (multiple times)
Headrush Continuous attack on one unit & 50% chance to paralyze
Magic Bite Single Target Attack with -50% SPR for 3 turns & 30% Chance to Silence.
Double Break Breath Fire and Ice Magical Damage with -50% DEF for 3 turns
Dragon’s Voice AOE Attack with – 100% All stats for 999 turns.
Use only when an Ability Attack was used in the previous round.
Swallow Single Target Instant Death
Triggers when magic is used and/or use every 5 turns.
Boost A buff activated at HP 80% 60%, 40%, 20% or less. It will use Unleash on its next turn.
Release 400% AOE Magic Attack with 100% chance to Blind and Silence


Note: With the new changes to Boost casting at every 20% HP, you can actually time your attacks to avoid Swallow from happening as Boost will always take precedence over Swallow. In short, hit the 20% threshold on every 5 turns.

The Fight

  • This is a pretty tricky battle as you are not allowed to use Spells or Abilities in the fight.
  • Bring along Physical units that can Dual Wield or equipped with Twin Lancer.
  • Keep Cheer or Embolden up at all times
  • Tanks should be defending to increase the chance of blocking and mitigating damage dealt to the team.
  • Raise, Full-Life and Phoenix Down are important as your units will 100% die when it cast Dragon Voice.
  • When you know Dragon is going to hit below 80% 60%, 40%, 20%, make sure to cast Focus and keep all units in Defensive Mode in preparation for its “Unleash” skill.
  • You can use Cloud of Darkness to clear the debuffs from Release.
  • Make sure your Healers are equipped with anti Silence and Paralysis Accessories.
  • Bring Healers with Esuna!

Recommended Units

Buff or no buff, this is definitely going to be a very tricky fight as we are not allowed to use Abilities or Spells.

The recommended team composition for this fight is 2 Tanks, 2 Physical Attackers and 2 Healers.


Cecil, Amarant, WoL, Charlotte

Physical Attackers

Cloud of Darkness, Gilgamesh, Lightning, Bartz, Kain, Freya


Refia, Garnet, Roselia, Lenna