Village of Ambel


Treasure Key Box Location
1. Recipe – Wizard’s Robe
Treasure Chest
2. Star Quartz
3. Turbo Ether Enter from Back door
4. Light Megacrys
5. Unicorn Horn
6. Mythril Buckler (Light Shield, Def+30)
7. Healing Spring
8. Thunder Rod (Atk+14, Mag+26, Skill – Thundara)
9. Scripture of Time
10. Gale Key – 5


Note: You need to enter the small map (where treasure 1 and 10 is) to continue your journey.

Boss Fight




Quest Name Rewards Details
1. When the Knight Comes Recipe – Antartic Wind
2. Invasion Afoot! Mythril Saber
3. An Animal’s Tale Earth Key – 21 Unlocks Gale Keys


1. When the Knight Comes

You can find Golden Eagles at Windy Height’s West.

2. Invasion Afoot!

Speak to the people in the respective order: A > B > C


3. An Animal’s Tale

1. You need to complete A Thief’s Legacy quest
2. You need to obtain Earth Key – 8 from Wind Shrine – Exploration

Collect quest and head to Junkyard – Exploration and collect item for Client.