Here’s a list of the top-tiered Weapons you can look forward to acquire in the game!


NameTypeAttackSpecial EffectsHow to obtain
Viking AxeAxe125Water Elemental DamageMercedes Trust Master
ExcaliburLarge Sword120Holy Elemental DamageCecil Trust Master
DeathbringerLarge Sword120Human-KillerDark Knight Cecil Trust Master
Moon FaceSword118Dark Elemental Damage
Delita Trust Master
Save the QueenLarge Sword112Auto ProtectAgrias Trust Master
Rising SunThrow107Bird-KillerLocke Trust Master
Romanda GunGun107Mustadio Trust Master
Mana SwordSword101Randi Trust Master
Kaiser Knuckle Fist101Wind Elemental DamageXiao Trust Master
SakurafubukiKatana98Miyuki Trust Master
Bow of the GoddessBow91Bird-KillerRosa Trust Master
GungnirSpear90Kain Trust Master
Enhance SwordSword82Reward - Trial boss Sleeping Lion
Holy LanceSpear82Holy Elemental DamageExchanged with 100 Star Quartz
ChirijiradenSword80Fire Elemental DamageFFT Collaboration Dungeon
Mirage SwordSword78FF Zero Event
Mace of ThornsMace7870% Chance to Poison + Human-KillerEvent
GigantaxeAxe76FF 2 Event
Dragon Gae Bolg SpearSpear76Dragon-KillerRomancing Saga Event
Dream HarpMusical Instrument7640% Chance to SleepGilbert Trust Master
DurandalLarge Sword74Holy Elemental DamageFFT Event
Mighty HammerHammer72Thunder Elemental Damage
FF3 Event
MurasameKatana61Reward - Trial Boss White Dragon
Killer BowBow60Dark Elemental Damage, Bird Killer, Plant Killer, Insect KillerReward - Trial Boss Brachiosaur


NameTypeMAGSpecial EffectsHow to Obtain
Mateus's MaliceRod109Emperor Mateus Trust Master
Omnirod Rod91Arc Trust Master
NueThrow82Bird KillerHope Trust Master
Wizard RodRod72Event
Empress WhipWhip6430% Chance to Blind/SilenceEvent
Lilith RodRod60Gain Spell: DrainFF4 Event
Dream HarpMusical Instrument4140% Chance to SleepGilbert Trust Master
Flame RodRod26Fire Elemental Damage
Gains Spell: Fira
Treasure Chest
Ice RodRod26Ice Elemental Damage
Gains Spell: Blizzara
Colosseum D-4 INT
Treasure Chest
Thunder RodRod26Thunder Elemental Damage
Gains Spell: Thundara
Treasure Chest
Enhance SwordSword23Reward - Trial boss Sleeping Lion
Iron RodRod18Weapon Shop - Kol Village
Dream WakerStaff15Ovelia Trust Master
Philosopher's StaffStaff12Lenna Trust Master