White Dragon


Energy No. Of Battle Gil UNIT EXP RANK EXP
0 1 300 3000 0

Attack Pattern:

3 hits per turn with any combination of the attacks below except maelstrom
Normal Attack – Physical Attack x 1
火燕流 – Single Target Fire Elemental Damage.
Snowstorm – AOE Ice Elemental Magic Damage.
Lightning – AOE Thunder Elemental Magic Damage.
Earthquake – AOE Earth Elemental Magic Damage.
Maelstrom – Reduce HP of 2 targets to 1 (use at 70% and 30% HP)

Battle Tips:

  • Recommended Party Level – 40 and above
  • Character Rarity Level – 4* and above
  • At least 1 Character with Poison. Poison per tick = 10% HP
  • Paralyze is a good to have skill. If you can constantly keep White Dragon paralyzed, you can actually do this with a lower level party.