Windy Heights West – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
13 65998 485



 – Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Aero Blade
Treasure Chest
2. Wyvern Feather
3. Squall Ring
4. Wind Megacrys
5. Recipe – Large Shield
6. Cleric’s Robes
7. Star Quartz
8. Mythril Bow


Quests – Mind Your WaresSettling the Score (talk to the NPC on the Right then the Left)

Monsters Ogre, Golden Eagle, Goblin Mage, Ninlil, Coeurl, Sprinter, Vulture
Boss Twinscythe



Drops Pickup
Esper’s Tear, Esper Crys, Aqua Pearl, Crimson Tear, Farplane Soul, Pearl of Wisdom, Earth’s Core, Golden Egg, Broken Blade, Seed of Life, Raptor Feather, Deepsea Bloom, Wizard Stone, Heaven’s Ash, Beast Meat, Life Orb, Abominable Wing, Scripture of Time, Glowseeds, Esper Shard White Magicite, White Megacity, Silver Ore, Magicite, Iron Ore, Light Crys, Light Megacrys, Earth Crys, Earth Megacrys, Mythril Ore, Wind Crys, Wind Megacrys